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Time Warner Cable Guy Arrives Late to Service Call, Leaves Claiming Homeowner Had “Bad Air”

Phillip Dampier December 7, 2009 Issues 3 Comments

http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefanb/3782368970/ (Courtesy: StefanB)I see a number of stories from consumers upset about poor service from their cable or telephone provider, but Joanne Hanson from Indio, California has a keeper:

After waiting for the Time Warner Cable people, who were two hours late, the installer disappeared when he told me he needed to go to the truck.

After speaking with the supervisor about the installer disappearing, he told me that the guy had left because of the poor air quality in my home. It made him feel unsafe, so he left, unannounced.

Then they told me that they couldn’t reschedule until next week because they are overbooked.

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14 years ago

The installer probably had an important meeting at a bar

14 years ago

Let me guess…the woman was a smoker and had an open iPhone on her coffee table with it’s contaminated battery exposed. The worker, fearing for his health and safety, fled and now is planning to sue the homeowner, Comcast, the cigarette company, the coffee table, etc., for violating OSHA standards.

waiting and watching
waiting and watching
14 years ago

I just moved to a better house, and had 2 days of hell from a TWC subcontractor to install a new drop line to replace a 15 year old one, and 3 new lines to a few rooms. Took 3 visits, the first guy didn’t want to listen and wanted to cut the old lines rather than just add new, the second almost finished the job, but broke my computer when coming in the house because he cut one new loine too short rather than just running a new new one. He nor the other never need come in the… Read more »

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