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Frontier Employees: Company is Adrift as Management Obsesses Over Stock Price

Phillip Dampier July 31, 2017 Broadband Speed, Consumer News, Frontier, Rural Broadband 4 Comments

Frontier Communications employees continue to send unsolicited news tips and insider gossip about a phone company in decline, not only losing customers but middle management that have either left voluntary or been asked to leave in a frantic effort to cut costs.

Earlier this year, Frontier CEO Dan McCarthy ended a long-term effort heralded by former CEO Maggie Wilderotter that gave significant autonomy to local and regional managers to handle problems in their respective service areas without having to consult a centralized bureaucracy. McCarthy elected instead to adopt more rigid company-wide policies and practices that often require consultation with senior management. For many mid-level managers already frustrated with the company, that change proved a bridge too far that and several are now working for Frontier’s cable competition.

One of the senior managers responsible for Frontier’s web presence became so frustrated with Frontier’s corporate roadblocks, he dropped his Frontier service in favor of the competition because accomplishing almost anything on Frontier’s website proved frustrating and often impossible.

“Instead of focusing their leadership on ways to turn the company around they seem to be doubling down on their efforts to get as many employees to leave the company as possible,” a Frontier insider tells Stop the Cap!

Some of the employees likely to leave are Frontier’s telecommuting workforce. Senior executives now want many of those workers back in the office.

“[The new policy says] if we live less than 50 miles from a Frontier Office, we have to be in the office every day and could no longer work at home,” our source tells us. “There are employees who had Permanent Work At Home status by HR who are [now] being told they have to relocate to another city [or] come into an office or they will be let go.”

Frontier’s network continues to be criticized as great for some, lousy for everyone else. Our source notes a few years ago Frontier was speed-limiting some of its DSL customers in congested areas because they were using too much broadband and slowing down the network for others. While Frontier’s legacy copper areas continue to endure copper-based DSL with its inherent capacity and speed limitations, Frontier is planning a feast for its acquired FiOS fiber customers, including free automatic speed upgrades.

Less technically conscious customers pay more. In addition to a $4.50 convenience fee that now applies to customers phoning customer care centers to make a payment, our source warns Frontier is about to launch a paper billing fee, reportedly $1 a month, in an attempt to convert customers to electronic paperless billing.

“We are so at a loss as to the direction this company is taking and there is zero vision from senior leadership that is being passed down,” our source said, noting executives are preoccupied with their compensation plans and bonuses. “The directions we’re given change daily, projects and promotions only seem to be reactionary to try to stop the bleeding, but Frontier is in need of major surgery starting with the CEO and every single member of our executive leadership.”

Currently there are 4 comments on this Article:

  1. Josh says:

    Ugh, awesome, they treat their employees like garbage too. Although that’s not a shock…probably all these companies do. I’ve heard major complaints about Comcast and AT&T…

  2. John M Gillespie says:

    My wife can’t work from home on her ‘remote’ day because Frontier’s broadband is at best 3 Mbps on a good day!

  3. Dan says:

    A former Frontier employee said once that Frontier actually change the names of their markets every time the suits in CT play musical chairs with regional GM staffing. I think Time Warner Cable went through their own market consolidation phase 5 or 6 years ago long before the Charter merger, but the thing about cable is that their IT and billing systems are mostly uniform across their footprints. I don’t think anyone has any idea what Gable (the CTO) does since he’s in Chicago and seems like a Jared Kushner type, plus has no relevant work experience. But maybe things will change with the fresh blood at the top (McBride, Maduri, Boston, Levendos). The PPS isn’t declining as much now, and all the recent insider trades are buys.

  4. L. Nova says:

    The stock is making a recovery-Or so it seems to. I honestly don’t understand these complicated numbers these wall street “analysts” give. This is no more than running a legalized gambling casino where bets are made and everyone is full of sh*t.

    Frontier screwed up. Verizon did not.

    Verizon however is not innocent by any means. The company is guilty of ripping off the taxpayers, pocketing the money, not delivering on fiber promises and willfully neglecting the wireline assets before selling them off to Frontier, Windstream, and Fairpoint.

    This is the reason Frontier has customer losses and the company had to do a stock split, and at the same time build a massive backhaul and upgrade their network with G.fast technology. If this doesn’t force the company board and CEO to get their act together, then the next move Wall Street will do is demand the immediate ouster of Frontier company heads.
    Look at what happened to Fairpoint. They were lucky enough to find a buyer named Consolidated with the acquisition completed on Monday.

    Nobody wants to buy Frontier. The company is not interested in selling itself either. Bottom line, Frontier no matter what will not and cannot be allowed to go bankrupt. The company is running a massive 39-state critical communication infrastructure that many institutions depend on.

    I hope the executives at Frontier get their act together otherwise it will be several of them out of a job.

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