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Charter/Spectrum Only Sells Up to 100Mbps in Time Warner Cable Territories

Phillip Dampier November 15, 2016 Broadband Speed, Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News 12 Comments

charter-spectrumAlthough existing Time Warner Cable Maxx customers will be able to keep their broadband speed upgrades up to 300Mbps, new customers and those switching to a Charter Spectrum plan will find Spectrum’s advertised broadband options reduced to just one: 100Mbps in TWC Maxx cities like New York and 60Mbps in territories never upgraded to Maxx service.

Charter Spectrum has soft launched their new plans in the New York City market and will begin heavily promoting them later this month. But customers will find their choices dramatically limited, except for television service.

Spectrum is marketing just three triple play plans on its revamped website in the NYC area, varying only with respect to the number of channels included in the TV package:


When we selected internet-only service, we were presented with only one option in New York City: 100Mbps


Time Warner Cable plans are no longer promoted in areas switched to Charter Spectrum service.

TWC plans are no longer promoted in areas offered Charter Spectrum service.

At least the modem rental is included in the promotional price, which incidentally rises in the second and third year until it reaches $60 for 60Mbps service, and $100 for 100Mbps service, assuming your promotion has expired.

The promotional prices are not too bad if you are a devotee of cable television, and the broadband price is affordable as well, at least for the first year. After the first 12 months, prices rise and company officials have already warned they will be far more stingy about offering customers repeat retention pricing than Time Warner Cable was.

Charter has announced it will continue to roll out Spectrum packages across the Time Warner Cable and Bright House service areas until the conversion is complete early next year. New York City and Florida are the next targeted markets, but it is clear Charter has already begun offering Spectrum plans instead of continuing to market Time Warner Cable plans that customers can still buy upstate.

Customers will be able to keep their existing Time Warner Cable plans, but any promotional pricing deals will not likely be renewed when they expire, causing your Time Warner Cable bill to spike dramatically in some cases.

We are unsure if existing TWC Maxx customers will be forced to give up their 300Mbps TWC Maxx plan if they switch to a Spectrum plan. There may be several non-publicized plans for these customers. Time will tell.

Editor’s Note: These prices/packages were obtained from timewarnercable.com using a residential street address on W 72nd St, New York, NY, 10023

Currently there are 12 comments on this Article:

  1. Bob says:

    So Phil, How soon can we expect to see 100 and 60 in the Rochester service areas ? Does this mean that Maxx is dead in NY State completely ? We can forget about getting the previously planned speeds of 50/5, 200/20, and 300/20 ?

    • J. E says:

      So this is more of a question. I have the 200MBPS package and one day when I was calling to ask about getting their cable as well, the operator tried to drop me down to the 100 MBPS and even told me that the current 100MBPS is faster than when it first rolled out?? Now I’m no techy but no way can this be true?

  2. Fluffy Bunny says:

    I chatted with a Spectrum rep about this. Right now we have 200 Mbps & we own our modem. The rep said that although the packages say 100 Mbps online, one can upgrade to 200 or 300 (if it’s in your area). I told him what we were doing, getting rid of cable & keeping the internet, he said it would be something like $65 for 100, then add $20 for 200 (& then $30 for 300). This is in Austin, TX. When we go to give up our box, I will verify this once more. But the rep I chatted with was pretty confident this was the way of things in our area.

  3. Paul Houle says:

    I’ve heard rumours that Charter would be coming to my area to meet their commitment to wire the unwired in NY. For roughly the same price I am paying Fronter, Charter will offer 50x the speed. I called to register my interest in service and I was told 100 Mbps would be the highest speed available.

    Wasn’t extending Maxx speeds to all of NY part of the deal that Charter made with NY?

    • James R Curry says:


      I believe they agreed to 100mbps — despite Stop the Cap pushing the New York Public Service Commission to demand the Maxx speeds.

  4. James R Curry says:

    Hey Phillip —

    I don’t have the links anymore, but I think I commented about this before.

    Here in Austin, the highest speed you can order on the web is 100mbps. However, the price sheet they published online (I think it was a PDF) shows pricing for 300mbps. So I believe you have to call to order it.

    Incidentally, my 300mbps service was clocking in at about 410mbps (and 23mbps) up last week. I wonder if they upped it to better compete with Google Fiber.

    Alas, I will no longer be able to run any Charter speed tests as I now have Google Fiber instead. 🙂

  5. It seems incredibly odd for an ISP to have faster speeds available, but not advertise them.

  6. Nick says:

    Hmm, I’m still stuck paying Charter/TWC $80/mo for 30/5. The best they offer is 50/5 for $100…

  7. adam says:

    I spoke with them. I have to move soon and in order to get 300mbps service you need to pay a 200 dollar “installation and access fee”.

  8. Daniel Haro says:


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