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California Consumer Seeks Class Action Case Against Frontier for False Advertising

Phillip Dampier September 22, 2016 Consumer News, Frontier, Public Policy & Gov't, Rural Broadband 22 Comments

frontier new logoDorothy Ayer said she was quoted a price of $69 a month for a package including landline phone and broadband service from Frontier Communications, but when she received her first bill, she claims she was charged $426.55.

Ayer filed a class action complaint against Frontier Communications Sept. 12 in U.S. District Court for the Central Division of California, claiming the phone company regularly engages in unlawful, unfair, and deceptive business practices including false advertising.

Ayer claims Frontier promised her all installation charges, activation fees and other miscellaneous costs found on her first bill would be waived, but now that the bill is in her mailbox, the company wants to be paid in full.

The lawsuit asks the court to recognize the economic harm and injury done not only to Ms. Ayer, but to other similarly situated Frontier customers. The lawsuit claims Frontier Communications benefits from falsely advertising the prices of its services without properly informing customers of the many other charges the company levies on the first bill.

If Ayer is successful, Frontier will be forced to notify all affected customers and presumably refund or credit their accounts.

The case is being handled by attorneys Todd M. Friedman and Adrian R. Bacon of Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman PC in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Currently there are 22 comments on this Article:

  1. Ev says:

    People need to start recording ail their phone calls with company reps. They’re recording it already, for their benefit. One little app on your phone to record calls, then you’re protected. For really serious matters, you should insist on getting everything in writing, up front.

    • Chad says:

      EV, I completely agree. Recording your phone calls is a great way to keep these companies in check. There’s a great blog post about how this, and a handful of other techniques, can help you fight cable/wireless/internet companies: http://bit.ly/2czicy6

      • Blair says:

        I do record them and when you let them know that they will flip the blank out. Stating we can’t do that and they will hang up with us immediately. So I told them I stopped and just kept recording. Rudest company I have ever dealt with and I could go on for hours with all the problems we have had with them since moving to the sticks and being forced to go through them. Thank god for Satellite and affordable Cellular Data now. But now Frontier says they auto-renewed our contract and we have to pay $200.00 to get out of it. Jump back a bit, they said our contract would be up on March 29th so I asked if they could put it in the computer that we wanted DSL shut off at that point. Customer service rep said she could do that. So we paid the DSL fee for another month as it would be cheaper than paying the termination fee on the contract (that we never agreed to after the first one in 2011, now 2017. Even though the rep said it would automatically be turned off and she would note it in the computer it wasn’t. So when I called April 10th because we got the bill for the services they said would be canceled on the 29th, and they said they auto-renewed our contract on the 29th so we would have to pay the termination fee. This company is absolutely amazing in what they think they can get away with and are. 90% of the customer service agents have been boarder line vile with their attitude. Just when I think it’s only me you can goodle it and see its happening to millions and millions of other customers. They operate like the mob.

  2. Helen says:

    I have good notes and have recorded some of my calls

  3. Ryan says:

    Frontier needs to be sued for false advertising of fios. They ran commercials on TV and radio that fios is here but in reality its not. We wanted fios for 10 years and they have not done anything.

  4. deborah says:

    I and 4 others need to join a class action lawsuit against Frontier Communications, can anyone tell me who is involved so we can join. I have months of paper trails and documents.

    • debra Gruber says:

      FRONTIER SAID they were giving me promotional credit. for 1 year. I have called them several times regarding this, there is no promotion showing on my bill. THE have lied to me they upgraded my internet service without my permission. I don’t know how they can get away with this,

  5. deborah Norberg says:

    I and 4 others need to join a class action lawsuit against Frontier Communications, can anyone tell me who is involved so we can join. I have months of paper trails and documents.

    • James R Curry says:


      I’d start with the lawyers handling the class action.

      According to the article, it’s the law offices of Todd M. Friedman in California. From their web site, I see the following number listed for their California office for an initial consultation: 424-285-6006

      I’d call that number and explain that you’d seen a news article about a class action suit they are filing against Frontier Communications, and state that you’re interested in joining the suit.

      Good luck!

  6. Keanyn Gray says:

    frontier every month for the last 8 month for incorrect bills amounts, each time they tell me they will correct credit my bills to the agreed amount but not back dating to when I started service with them my bills were to be 210.00 per month with taxes. But each month I receive a bill ranginging from 365.00 try 425.00 per month.
    Each month I would call them and spend 120- 150 min. From hold to I’m working on it and some times to be hung up on and having to start the process all over again,the first few months I gave frontier the benefit of the doubt that they were slow and getting set up on the west coast, so each month I would pay what I was told the Bill should be, this went on for over7 months . I continued to try and work with them till on Dec 18, 2016 they disconnected my services, I quickly called them and spoke to there collections department who were also as confused as I was with the bills and credits they owed me, collections contacted the billing department also confused (this phone call lasted 2 hours) so collections and billing said I needed to pay 425.00 to have services turned back on vs the 1069.00 they were trying to bill me for, ( billing also agreed that the one thousand amount was very wrong and Gould see the credits waiting for management approval) so I paid the amount they said to get services back on and was told it takes 24 hours to reinstate ( this was 5:15 am pacific ) so 27 hours went by and service was still not on I then called again, thisvperson told me that it would be 24 hours after 4pm the following day because the turn on order was not written till 4:00 pm the day I paid.
    At this point I was done so I contacted Time Warner /spectrum to set up new services and port my old number to Time Warner, time Warner told me they would install my service on 12/24/2016,two days prior I got a phone call stating that they would have to move my install appointment to Jan 3, 3017 because Frontier stated they could not port number till January 2017, I then called Time Warner and said just give me a new number let frontier keep the old number.

    My new service was installed working great, I called frontier to make sure services were canceled I was told I could not cancel services since there was a port order on the phone number I explained to them just cancel the services and keep the number. They then told me they can’t but to rest assured that on the 3rd services would be canceled and backdated to the date they disconnected the services were disconnected since they never reinstated services because there reinstate team decided not to turn it back on Dispute the request from collections and billing.

    So I thought the nightmare was over but on January 10, 2017 I get a notice from frontier that they were going to disconnect me for non payment, I called Frontier again only on phone for 90 minutes this representative said she would look into it and and came back and told me services can’t be disconnected due to past due account, I advised her so you are billing me monthly on a account you disconnected on Dec 18, 2016 and I canceled on December 19,2016 and now sending me letters that your goinging to disconnect me again on an account that was already disconnected?
    She said she didn’t know just call collections because account can only be canceled by them, I explained to her I was told by two other reps and collection that the account will cancel since I requested the number to be ported out , she then tells me let me look and comes back and tells me there was never a request to port a number when I was told 3 time by other reps it was also Time Warner had the request and response too innthere file.

    So at this point I don’t know what to do anymore I get a different answer evertime from this co

    • Chuck says:

      Hello all we are going through the same type of problems. Ever since Frontier took over Verizon we’ve had to call every month to get bill changed. Has gone from $130’s to $200’s a month, they say that they change on their end but next bill gets larger.
      Have called every month to change even talked to supervisors and spent hours on phone to fix they still can’t get it straight , just called again today bill was credited with another $60 credit over charge. Were and who do you contact about joining this lawsuit?

      • Jp Eres says:

        I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (New York) as well as the FCC. Magically after months and months of rude customer service reps and compounding late fees, my entire bill was written off and received an email from an executive apologizing for the inconvenience. In addition I received a $50 credit on my bill.

  7. Michelle Torres says:

    I too want to join this class action lawsuit. It is unbelievable how unscrupulous this company is. Im having the same issues with the Promotional rate that expired but was offered to continue it for another year but keeping getting charged higher rates without the discount. I finally canceled my cable service but kept the internet. Waiting to see if my next bill is trying to charge me for cable which I’m sure they will. Ive filed complaints with BBB and FCC twice now. This company is such a scam.

  8. Toni Smalley says:

    I want to join the class action lawsuit too

  9. Bobbie Jo says:

    What about being billed for a service you don’t even have?? Then they report it to your credit.. 6 months of
    Frontier-communications-corp hanging up or endless transferring? They owe my mom 300 bucks but bill her for a service that was never installed .

  10. Jo-Ann Miller says:

    Hello, I am currently involved in a dispute with Frontier about charges….and a quote they gave me but like other customers they did not honor. I have since filed a complaint with the FCC. This morning I spoke with a Frontier person name Megan, who said that it was a computer mistake, etc…. I have been dealing with Frontier since day one (from about 3 months ago) regarding so many problems and spoke with so many Frontier employees –between 20 to 30 is my best guestimate– that it seems like a nightmarish joke is being played on me. I would like in on this class-action law suit. I believe that I can provide more proof that Frontier Communications is deliberately misleading and misquoting new customers, such as myself. This seems to be on the scale of the Wells Fargo bank illegal banking activities they perpetrated against their customers.

  11. Gloria Palomo says:

    I’d like to join this lawsuit. I’m currently having similiar, if not worse issues then what the article listed. I have been on the phone or chat every day battling with them. They are still incorrectly doing it. They are also now trying to say that I may or may not get approved from a credit. I have to wait 60 days for my bill to be fixed. We received a wrong product (incorrect billing and wrong product ordered to us, girl sent us a router that I did not ask for and she upgraded our plan without telling me – became away of it after bill was sent on Friday). Not only that we found that when up DID upgrade 2 months ago, our system was not wired (per technician that came this Tuesday) and capable of producing what they upgraded, so we have paid 2 months of charges that shouldn’t of been applied to our account. It’s horrible. I have chat logs, notes and incorrect bill. They still owe a credit of the 12 days for this billing period that were incorrectly charged but it’s not clicking in their heads that we shouldn’t have pay for something we weren’t receiving yet. I work with credits department every day, this is unacceptable.

  12. Craig Blessing says:

    I cancelled my service with Frontier about 7 months ago due to horrible service and misleading information. I was informed over the phone that all debts are cleared and my equipment was received. I get an alert on my credit app this morning and it dropped 50 points this month due to being 90 days late for a payment. I’m so pissed right now. I have wasted roughly 8 hours of my life on the phone with this company and now I’m probably going to spend another 8 hours trying to get my credit fixed because of them. I have had a cable provider my entire life and due to Frontier being so terrible, I got rid of cable all together. It seems like Frontier wants to fail for some odd reason. Good luck to everyone and pay attention to your credit reports.

  13. ANGELA DEMOTT says:

    Please add me to the Class Action suit against Frontier – they have been cheating me on their pricing and should not be in business. What a horid waste of time dealing with them. Can you add Verizon to the suit for dumping us on them and not letting us out of our contracts at the time it happened?

    Thank you!
    Angela Demott

  14. Dustin Blayney says:

    $69.00 bill with $10.00 over the data limit x3= $99.00 dollars. Monitored my data usage and their system does not compute. I was not told this data limitation when it was sold to me, I received pop-ups on my computer screen. I record calls “for training purposes” and keep very good notes. I’m in.

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