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Time Warner Customers Upset by Surprise Modem Fees Starting Nov. 1st With No Formal Notice

Phillip Dampier October 10, 2012 Consumer News, Data Caps, Insight, TWC (see Charter), Video 10 Comments

[flv width=”480″ height=”290″]http://www.phillipdampier.com/video/WSYR Syracuse Time Warner Cable to charge monthly Internet modem fee 10-2-12.mp4[/flv]

WSYR in Syracuse and WCPO in Cincinnati report Time Warner Cable and former Insight Cable customers are upset the cable company is introducing new modem rental charges on Nov. 1 in both areas, but the company has yet to directly notify customers the new fees are coming. WSYR covers the concerns of customers in central New York. (1 minute)

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  1. Markfm says:

    Notice the SB6141 pricing is dropping again, though still 30% higher than it was before TWC’s fee announcement. Instead of $100 (pre-fee price), or $200 (late last week, early this), it’s back to about $130.

  2. Richard says:

    Hi everyone,

    Here’s a link to a change.org petition to stop Time Warner’s modem fee which we all know is nothing but a rate hike.


  3. Paul says:

    I called Time-Warner to cancel service yesterday and they told me that my account was set-up with a free modem code, and only those people that are currently being charged $2.50 a month for a modem would have to pay the new $3.99 fee… I guess I will just wait and see what happens on 11/1.


    • tacitus says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I have a very old modem and I’ll be pissed if I have to start paying $4/month for a $20 modem.

    • Interesting. My suspicion here is that your region has not yet had the memo from corporate, and since you were already a customer before TWC imposed the $2.50 modem fee on new customers, you were (and still are for the moment) treated as a grandfathered customer.

      However, all that changes when TWC rolls the modem fee out across the country. We do not yet have an exact timeline for this, but some areas report 11/1 as their date. We hope to learn more as we get closer to November.

  4. tacitus says:

    BTW. Unless you need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem right now, instead of paying way over the odds for one today, you might be better off paying $50 for one of the DOCSIS 2.0 modems in the meantime and upgrading only when you need to. If you keep the 2.0 modem for more than 18 months, you’d still come out ahead of the game, and DOCSIS 3.0 price should have come way down by then.

  5. Paul says:

    Also, FWIW, Earthlink is NOT going to be charging a modem fee, at least for now.

  6. Markfm says:

    I’m Syracuse NY, Earthlink via TWC, nominally no fees, but will likely scarf up a new modem. My current one is an old Motorola DOCSIS 1.X.

  7. HB says:

    If you decide to purchase a modem, make sure the return policy is as long as possible. I have had several Moto SBG6580’s and after a short time, they develop a widespread habit of disconnecting every couple hours. You have to manually restart it as it will timeout and have major dns issues. If you check the reviews online, click on the 1star reviewers and you will see how widespread it is.

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