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Wildblue Censors Links to Stop the Cap!; We Are “Counter-Productive,” Says Satellite ISP

Phillip Dampier August 1, 2012 Consumer News, Data Caps, Editorial & Site News, WildBlue/Exede, Wireless Broadband 4 Comments

Wildblue’s customer forum will not allow its readers to link to Stop the Cap!, because in the view of Wildblue’s forum moderators, we are “counter-productive.”

We suspect the company is uncomfortable about exposing customers to the fact Wildblue is selling “broadband” satellite service with a “fair usage policy” so strict many customers cannot actually use the service for more than basic web browsing and e-mail. Wildblue consistently ranks  near the very bottom of broadband service providers rated by Consumer Reports (only HughesNet is worse).

The good news is Wildblue still allows customers to use Google. Most will have no trouble finding us even when the company spends time and effort censoring a direct link.

Currently there are 4 comments on this Article:

  1. James R Curry says:

    The obvious question is “Counter-productive to what”?

  2. jr says:

    Counter-productive to CEO Tom Moore’s lifestyle

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve gotten the same crap, that they will not let one to even POST a link to the Federal trade commission, Attorney General’s office of the state they are located in.

    I have complained about deceptive practices, mentioned class action suit and that folks who have been deceived request REFUNDS.

    Needless to say the loyal forum users went ape. Wonder how many of them are sponsored by the “company”..

    My complaint was simple. One is told on the Legacy service which got Wild Blue started, that you get X amount of upload and download, your “bandwidth”.

    Contract says in the beginning, you get 17 gigs for instance, if you subscribed to the PRO plan, a month download. So you download 17 gigs in month 1, lets say on day 30 of your plan. Next day appears and you need to download a Windows Update, or an update of your MAC OS, about 6 gigs. Guess what, you dont have the 17 gigabytes that next day of your next month.

    I was told that I would have to STOP downloading, shut off the modem for 30 days if I wanted my 30 day download counter to reset to zero.

    So that means, you pay TWICE to get 17 gigs, where month two has to be NO DOWNLOADING. Although they advertise you get 17 gigs, and you are supposedly paying for 17 gigs if you are on the Pro Plan and you don’t get it.

    That is FRAUD and deception.

    And they blocked that from being posted on their Forum. Any wonder?

    Anyone wanting to class action, go to the DA, or FTC and FCC this type of stuff has been going on with ALL the legacy users. I wonder how many millions of users that really is?


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