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Time Warner Cable Lowers Promotional Price on 50/5Mbps “Ultimate Tier” to $79.95

Phillip Dampier April 4, 2012 Broadband Speed, Consumer News, TWC (see Charter) 21 Comments

Time Warner Cable’s spring promotion for broadband service has gotten more aggressive on pricing, particularly for the company’s fastest tiers.

In the northeast, we noted new, year-long deals that bring the price of the cable company’s fastest tier — now dubbed “Ultimate 50/5Mbps” to $79.99, down $20 from the regular price.

Time Warner’s “Extreme” 30/5Mbps service is now promotionally priced at $49.99.

The rest of the company’s speed tiers maintain the usual promotional pricing we’ve seen for several years.

All prices are supposed to be for new customers only, but we found them easy to obtain from the cable company’s customer retention department when customers demand the lower price.

Time Warner Cable is likely to charge their new $2.50 monthly cable modem rental fee if you open a new account, beginning in the seventh month of service.

Time Warner Cable has also been advising customers its CA Anti-Virus protection agreement has expired and the company is moving customers to McAfee’s “Family Protection” Suite instead.  The software comes free with your Time Warner Cable broadband subscription.

Currently there are 21 comments on this Article:

  1. David says:

    I currently live in an apartment complex where the only choices for cable are time warner, dish, direct TV. Did the tweet trick, they called me, and no dice. Just recently learned Qwest was dropping fiber in my front lawn, I think i’m going to go with them. Or should I use that aginst TWC to get a better deal? Options? Comments? @Spintaruen on twitter

  2. Laura says:

    Just called them to see about a lower price – Standard service goes up to $52.99/mo when the 12 month promotional period ends. They offered me $39.99/mo for 6 months to retain me, I said no thanks and asked for a better price due to budgeting. Also reminded them that I am cheaper to retain than it is for them to get a new customer, and they let me cancel my service. Unbelievable. Not sure what else I could have done to get a lower price. I don’t want cable and don’t need a phone, so the upsell bundle packs mean nothing to me other than an increase in my monthly cost. So frustrating to have this happen, but I refuse to pay their ridiculous prices for internet.

    • Loons In June! says:

      You have to remember that an agent can ONLY offer you the prices that exist in the Billing system. They cant get creative and offer a special tailor made offer for individual customers.
      The offer of 39.99 is just over a buck a day. I really am not sure whether you can find High speed internet for less than that especially as you seem to be a single play customer.
      Good luck.


    • Hi Laura. If you canceled service, I predict they will start calling you (answer those unfamiliar caller ID calls) and try and give you a customer “winback” offer. Here are your options right now:

      1) Go sign up for Earthlink via Time Warner Cable. It’s $29.99 for six months of broadband-only service. Speeds and service are identical to TWC broadband (and delivered over TWC’s network), but you will not get their Speedboost feature (you don’t need it.) After that promo ends, sign up as a new Time Warner Cable customer on their 12 month promo deal.

      2) Go and tweet @TWCableHelp and tell them: “You just lost me as a customer. Giving u folks a chance to win me back.” Let the support guys there hook you up with a customer retentions specialist authorized to be more flexible than the people you spoke with. You should probably be able to get something from them.

      3) Sign up for a new Time Warner account yourself (or have a family member do it). You should be able to find a broadband only deal through their website.

      I recommend you start with #2 and see if they can’t straighten this all out.

      • Laura says:

        Thanks for the advice! I tweeted them and they asked me to email them. I emailed them at 9:02 and had a response at 9:11 tonight, saying they would forward my request to the local management (Los Angeles). I sincerely hope that isn’t the same group I already talked to, and I hope this isn’t the run around. I didn’t realize that I could sign up for a new account right away, so that might be the next best option. I know I’m not that valuable since I only want broadcast and have no need for a home phone, but I’m hoping that they want to at least try to keep me as a customer. This is a great site, and I appreciate all of the valuable information you provide! Thanks!

  3. David says:

    Should I ask them if I could get the 50/5 teir at the 79.99 price? I just want the speed, Qwest is dropping fiber in front of my house within the month (flags are planted and trucks are out there daily) I just want a better price, i’m playing 69.99 + tax for a service they have marked down at 49.99 now.

    • I am surprised they said “no dice.” What were you specifically asking for? Did you threaten to walk/schedule a cancel two weeks out? More details will help me figure out what to suggest next.

      • David says:

        I told them that Quest was coming with fiber, they said, Okay, and then I said Well i guess i’m going to go to them in the next 2 weeks, and then they said, thank you for being a customer have a great day! I was kinda annoyed at the fact, all i wanted was the 50/5 deal they were running for 79.99 it’s an upgrade to what I have, and at 10 dollars more than what i pay right now, it’s a deal!

        • Sign up online as a new customer, possibly under a spouse’s name on their website, but make sure a service cancellation order is in place first. Time Warner won’t install service at an address shown with active service.

          • David says:

            The service is in her name right now, i’m just on the account as a whatever they call it. It is a hassle though, but i’m still not happy i got the service not even 3 months ago, and then they decided to drop the price, I’ve had time warner for 6 years now, and haven’t complained or do much in the fact of getting money managed from them, I just want what I’m paying for, and a cheap price to boot.

            • It seems like every division is different. In the northeast, TW will fall all over customers to give them what they want, but we’ve seen some pretty nasty “don’t care” attitudes in the south (especially Texas) and out west (California in particular).

              I suspect having CenturyLink or AT&T as a competitor isn’t as threatening as Verizon FiOS.

              These “price drops” are actually just new customer promotions, not a change in the regular price. We reported earlier they had gotten more aggressive with these. But even these promos vary from region to region.

              • David says:

                Well if anything, I’ve been having speed problems since day one of connection. I’ve had 4-6 techs look at my apartment, the lines, the pole and node, and they still can’t figure out what’s going on. I have the regional Supervisor coming out this week to fix it. Maybe he can sport me the “Cheaper” package since I’ve not gotten what I’ve paid for for the past 3-4 months. LOL

  4. Glen Dragon says:

    I’m currently playing $75 for the 30/5 tier (whatever it’s now called).
    Is it possible to “upgrade” to 50 Mbps for $5 extra? or do i have to be a new customer?

    I really don’t need the 50 Mbps, I’d prefer to get 30Mbps for $50… but I’m not really into canceling my service.

    • The deals referenced above are for new customers. Go the Twitter route and see if you can negotiate a lower rate. Only you can decide if $25 a month in savings is worth the hassle of a disconnect-reconnect.

  5. David says:

    Small update to this post: they must have reverted the 50/5 back to 99.99 in my area, cuz it was the 79.99 guess people got pissed?

  6. Michael says:

    Location: South Carolina

    I just got hit with the old Bait and Switch. In January, I ordered the 30mbps “Extreme” package at the $49.99 rate. The installation tech never arrived, so I had to reschedule–for March. The promotion was still around, so I went ahead with the install.

    The service was odd, but acceptable for me. I’ve been online since I was a child in the mid-90’s, and I know that guaranteed speed can vary. Regardless of the issues I had with speed variations, I was surprised to receive my second bill of $77.95.

    From the representatives at TWC, I received this via online chat:

    Myrta>Your promotion on your account has expired and that is why your rate has increased.
    Michael_>What do I need to do to put it back? The promotion was for 12 months, and this is the 2nd month.
    Myrta>Oh! hold on , did you recently add services with us?
    Michael_>Nothing new, just my original service, and I’ve only had it for 2 months so far.
    Michael_>I should be signed up for internet only.
    Myrta>No, you have installed services from TWC in the month of march, correct?
    Michael_>Oh yes, that’s when my service started.
    Myrta>Let me check this for you.
    Myrta>Sorry for the above information, Your monthly rate will be $77.95.
    Myrta>As you had added the add on of our internet you are charged $20.00 extra.
    Myrta>And that comes to $77.00.

    Michael_>What is the add on? The only thing I have ever ordered from TWC was my $49.99/month for 12 months promotion. That was in March.
    Myrta>Please wait.
    Myrta>Thank you.
    Myrta>The add on is to support your speed, your Internet cost is $57.95.
    Michael_>I don’t understand what that means, I was given a promotion for $49.99 for 30mbps. Why do I need an addon to support my speed?

    Bait and switch. I was kicked around customer service trying to “put the promotion back” into my account with a lot of positive answers, but rampant disconnects of the internet and my (unrelated service, Verizon) phonecall.


  7. James says:

    I just spent hours on the phone and chat with them. No dice on the promotion. Disconnected from the phone call 4 times and 3 times on the chat. Does anyone have a link to this promotion that I can bookmark or print to pdf? Many thanks.

    • Michael says:

      If you go through the New Customer order process–putting in your address and checking the Internet checkbox at the top, it will show you the promotion. It’s ongoing. My issue was resolved, but it took lots of calls and claims of false advertisement for them to relent.

      Prior to that, they were keen to just drop the issue with “It’s not on your account, sir. Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable”, so it is something you need to go through a little bit of phone tag.

      Not right, but what is these days?

      • Michael says:


        Faster link for that selection process, though it may ask you to enter your address anyway. Make sure to do NEW CUSTOMER, even if you’re an existing customer to get the promotion info.

        For new customers like me who had the promotion taken off, they make no mention of the promotion afterwards.

  8. David says:

    Still showing 99.99 for me for the 50/5 teir, I got Fiber coming soon to the apartment I’m at, I wonder if i can scare them into giving me that price though? U-Verse and Qwest prices are at the same, but what if they smell competition? opinions on that?

  9. JayDee says:

    Show up at Time Warner’s office with modem in hand (if you rent from them) and tell them you have to cancel because you can’t afford it anymore. At that point they will (should) offer you a super deal. I did that and my bill lowered to $29.99 and they let me keep RR Turbo.

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