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Spectrum Drops Gigabit Install Fee to $19.99, Was $50-200

Phillip Dampier November 17, 2021 Broadband Speed, Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News 2 Comments

New customers in competitive service areas can pay less for gigabit service, but anyone can get the higher speed tier for a $19.99 “activation fee.”

Charter Communications has slashed its arbitrary installation and activation fee for Spectrum’s gigabit broadband service to $19.99 for new and upgrading customers.

For years, customers paid fees ranging from $49.99 to $199.99 just to sign up for gigabit internet speed. Ongoing service pricing ranges from a promotional price of $89.99 a month in competitive service areas to $134.99 a month for broadband-only service where competition is lacking or non-existent.

Real world speed tests show Spectrum Internet Gig performing at around 940 Mbps for downloads and just shy of 40 Mbps for uploads.

Current customers might be able to order the speed upgrade online through Spectrum’s customer service portal. No service call is required.

Some customers might need a new modem to take advantage of gigabit speed. Spectrum can swap out existing modems at their cable store locations or by mail.

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Ian L
10 months ago

To put this in perspective, Charter has had gigabit in some markets (e.g. Austin) for just shy of four years.

Robbin Jhonnas
Robbin Jhonnas
8 months ago

Current Spectrum subscribers may be able to request a speed upgrade using the company’s customer care portal. There is no need for a service call. To take advantage of gigabit speeds, some users may require a new modem. Existing modems can be swapped out at Spectrum’s cable retail locations or via mail. cbd cream for pain 1000mg

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