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Charter Spectrum Raises Rates (Again); Broadcast TV Surcharge Reaches $17.99/Month

Phillip Dampier May 6, 2021 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 2 Comments

Charter Spectrum is notifying customers rates are increasing once again on selected services and equipment, taking effect June 2, 2021.

The Broadcast TV Surcharge, which covers the fees charged by local, over-the-air stations, is increasing $1.54 a month — from $16.45 to $17.99/month. The surcharge applies to all video customers, including those on promotional plans.

The special tier of Spanish language channels, known as Latino View, is up $1 a month to $9.99. So is the cost of renting Spectrum’s set-top box. The old fee of $7.99/mo increases to $8.99 per box.

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2 months ago

Amazing. This this the second time in less than a year. I have TV Choice and the broadcast fee went from $6/month to $8.95/month back in August and now it’s going up to $12.95/month. At some point I’m going to put up an antenna and “cut the cord”.

2 months ago

In 2016, it was the increasing Mandatory Broadcast TV fee that was the “straw that broke this camel’s back.” I had already installed an antenna in the attic, and I was not going to be forced to pay for something I did not need. Congress needs to fight off the NAB Lobby and make it so the Broadcast TV Fee is optional for Cable TV subscribers. It’s the TV broadcasters that are forcing that fee up with cable providers. And the cable companies have to pass it along. They’re caught between a rock and a hard place because of current… Read more »

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