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Spectrum Starts Selling Discounted $19.99/Mo “Lifestyle” TV Package With 50+ Channels

Phillip Dampier June 3, 2019 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News 12 Comments

Spectrum customers in some highly competitive service areas are being offered more discounted services than ever before, including a $20 Lifestyle TV package with 50+ cable networks and local channels can be bundled with up to 200 Mbps internet access for $59.98 a month for 12 months (not including the $11.99/mo Broadcast TV Fee).

Spectrum Lifestyle TV ($19.99/mo) includes all local TV channels, plus:

  • AMC
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • SyFy
  • Discovery Channel
  • EWTN
  • E!
  • Inspiration
  • Food Network
  • ION
  • Freeform
  • TBN
  • FX
  • WGN America
  • Hallmark
  • BET
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • TV Land
  • HGTV
  • VH-1
  • Lifetime Channel
  • OWN TV
  • Oxygen
  • BET Jams
  • Spectrum News
  • BET Soul
  • TBS
  • Nicktoons
  • TLC
  • TV One
  • TNT
  • BET Her
  • USA Network
  • Aspire
  • Lifetime Movie Network
  • Revolt
  • History Channel
  • The Africa Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • The Impact Network
  • Spike TV
  • Nick Jr.
  • Comedy Central
  • Teen Nick
  • Bravo
  • The CW
  • Disney Channel
  • StarzEncore Black
  • Travel Channel

Customers can use their own equipment, such as Roku, Apple TV, desktop, or apps for iOS and Android, or rent traditional Spectrum set-top boxes for $7.50/mo each (add $4.99/mo to enable DVR service for one box or $9.99/mo for two or more boxes).

Spectrum’s traditional bundle promotion consists of up to 200 Mbps internet and Spectrum TV Select (125+ channels) for $89.98 a month, not including the $11.99/mo Broadcast TV Fee, so the stripped down Lifestyle TV bundle offers about $30 a month in savings.

Spectrum TV Stream is offered to cord-cutter/internet-only customers, but Lifestyle TV me be a more compelling deal.

If you want the Lifestyle TV package but want more channels, you can still save with this promotion by upgrading to the TV Silver package (175+ channels and HBO, Showtime, and the NFL Network) for $20 a month more, which is $25 less a month than what the traditional Double Play TV Silver and internet bundle costs.

Package Comparison (both offers include the same channel lineup and internet package)

  • Lifestyle TV Promo: $19.99 Lifestyle TV + $39.99 internet + $20 TV Silver Upgrade + $11.99 BTV Fee = $91.97
  • Traditional Double Play Promo: $44.99 Standard TV + $44.99 internet + $20 TV Silver Upgrade + $11.99 BTV Fee = $121.97

Stop the Cap! has confirmed this promotion is running in some AT&T service areas in the southern United States, especially Texas. You can confirm eligibility by visiting Spectrum.com and entering your street address, request to get pricing for new service, and selecting an internet-only package. The Lifestyle TV promotion will appear on the order page as a bundle option if you are qualified for the offer. Spectrum may offer you its other TV add-on packages, notably TV Stream ($24.99/mo), which is a less compelling streaming option with fewer channels at a higher price.

These offers and pricing are for “new customers only.” If you are a current customer, you can return your equipment at a Spectrum Cable Store location to cancel service without dealing with customer retentions, and then sign up as a new customer through the Spectrum website under the name of another family member or friend. Select self-install/pickup equipment in-store and you can get service under a new account on the same day. Otherwise, you must disconnect service for 30 days before qualifying again as a new customer. Depending on how much competition exists in your area, pricing and promotions can vary. Customers may find promotional pricing locked in for 12, 24, or 36 months depending on how much Spectrum is fighting to win customers in each area. Be sure to look out for free upgrades, particularly to 400 Mbps internet service, which is being offered in some areas.

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1 year ago

I cant figure out spectrum lifestyle tv .

Joyce Perkins
10 months ago

Cable tv is beginning to get too complicated. If they can offer promotional discounts to new customers, why not make same offers to existing customers and keep everyone happy.

Virginia Young
Virginia Young
5 months ago
Reply to  Joyce Perkins

I myself I have fallen into this situation with everything going on right now in the world Spectrum should really try to please their existing customers also!!

Joe Ward
Joe Ward
10 months ago

Crooked and Deceptive to the Max! – Spectrum promotes False Advertising by saying “No Contract”, – then when existing customer applies for new promotions, are told that violates your Contract!? – Spectrum Deception & False advertising monopolists.

9 months ago

The Lifestyle package is for Liberal Democrats as they do not offer other news sources than MSNBC and CNN. Is there a comparable package for Conservative Republicans like One American News or Fox News?

Gloria Steiner
Gloria Steiner
2 months ago
Reply to  Nora


Filomena Blake
Filomena Blake
3 months ago


M Ross
M Ross
2 months ago

I have had Spectrum Select Cable TV with the DVR box for many, many years, so I called to order the additional internet Standard 200 Mbps and the special $9.99 voice deal, and they said I was on a different contract with Time Warner/Spectrum. They would have to put me on a new Spectrum contract, so I said then technically I am considered a new customer, therefore I would be eligible for the Triple Play TV – Internet – Voice deal for $99.97? They said No, Huh? If they are moving me to a new contract, they should accept and… Read more »

Suzanne Foster
Suzanne Foster
2 months ago

I am not paying this price but wish I were.

Paul Vallancourt
Paul Vallancourt
1 month ago

No Fox News, ESPN or Golf, not worth it
Appears designed for Libs!
Spectrum is totally deceptive

Trevor Enos
Trevor Enos
1 month ago

Is it deceptive because they don’t offer some the channels that you like? What is your definition of deceptive?

Anne Woods
Anne Woods
19 days ago

no ID and no TCM, my favorite channels and they are not here, just the more expensive packages it’s a shame, could use the discount package but us older folks love ID and TCM

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