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Charter Spectrum Raising Broadband Prices $5; $64.99/Mo for Entry-Level 60Mbps Plan

Phillip Dampier February 9, 2017 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News, Data Caps, Earthlink 6 Comments

Customers in Florida and Texas received this notice with his latest cable bill. (Image courtesy: Nucleartx)

The “consumer benefits” of Charter Communications’ acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks just keep on coming as the company has begun hiking the cost of its broadband plans by $5 a month:

Important Billing Update: At Spectrum, we continue to enhance our services, offer more of the best entertainment choices and deliver the best value. We are committed to offering you products and services we are sure you will enjoy.

Effective with your next billing statement, pricing will be adjusted for:

  • Internet Service from $59.99 to $64.99.

If you are currently on a discounted rate, you will not realize an increase until the end of your promotional period.

The rate increase means Charter/Spectrum’s nationally available, entry-level broadband plan will now cost customers $64.99 a month. The company is also hiking rates on its Ultra tier (300Mbps in former Time Warner Cable Maxx markets, 100Mbps in most other markets) by $5 to $104.99.

Customers signed up to Spectrum’s base 60Mbps internet plan may be able to threaten their way to a lower price by contacting customer service and informing them you plan to switch to Earthlink, which is offering lower-speed plans as low as $29.99 a month for six months. Charter Spectrum has given many complaining customers a 12-month retention plan priced at $39.99 or $44.95 a month for 60Mbps.

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Adam Leite
Adam Leite
3 years ago

It is already too expensive. Internet now is so important that it should be free.

Mike Van Horn
Mike Van Horn
3 years ago
Reply to  Adam Leite

Then food and housing should be free too, correct? Surely they are more important than internet access.

3 years ago

We need to nationalize the internet in this country and invest in a high speed, high bandwidth fiber backbone across this country. Add a small tax to everyone to pay for it. I think $10 / month ($120 / year) would be enough to cover it. There would be enough people in the tax system to cover a system that had free hotspots everywhere there are cell phone towers. Those of us with VOIP services like MagicJack would have telephone access without cell service via WiFi. Put them all out of business.

3 years ago

Very happy with my $0.00 a month internet from Google Fiber here in Austin.

3 years ago

What a classic Bait and Switch!

If you are already getting charged $64.99 a month and you didn’t agree to this when you first started your plan, David can help you demand a refund or write a written complaint! Here’s a link to their website: http://bit.ly/2kAaeHd

3 years ago

I left Time Warner Cable for WOW! in late August after Time Warner Cable was unwilling to give me any type of discount at all after our bill went up. One thing I have noticed is since Charter transitioned my area (Columbus, Ohio) to Spectrum is that all the other providers here took on their less speed choices the better approach! WOW! when I signed up had 10mbps, 30mbps, 60, mbps, 110mbps, 300mbps, and 600mbps (with some areas also having 1gbps),now WOW! offers 10mbps, 100mbps, and 500mbps (with the 1gbps as an additional option where available) and AT&T has only… Read more »

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