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Comcast Displays Prominent “Data Usage Plan May Apply” Disclaimers On Its Website’s Sales Offers

Phillip Dampier January 6, 2015 Comcast/Xfinity, Consumer News, Data Caps 2 Comments

Comcast has added a prominent warning to the Internet sales pitches on their website:

“An XFINITY Internet Data Usage Plan may apply,” appears when visitors click the “Learn More” button under each Internet offer.

comcast internet overcharging

In the past, Comcast notified affected customers on a regional level based on the locations where usage billing trials are underway. Now the disclaimer is prominently visible for every Comcast customer nationwide.

For now, these trials still apply only to XFINITY Internet customers in Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama; Tucson, Arizona; Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah, Georgia; Central Kentucky; Maine; Jackson, Mississippi; Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; and Charleston, South Carolina.

In all trial markets except Tucson, the usage allowance included with all XFINITY Internet tiers is 300GB per month. The overlimit fee is $10 for each 50GB used above the usage cap.

In the Tucson, Arizona market, the usage allowance included with Economy Plus through Performance Internet tiers is 300GB. Those customers subscribed to the Blast! Internet tier have received an increase in their data usage plan to 350GB; Extreme 50 customers have received an increase to 450GB; Extreme 105 customers have received an increase to 600GB. The overlimit fee remains the same — $10 for each block of 50GB used above your allowance.

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7 years ago

Way to f**k up again Comcast. If there are data caps (Absolutely pointless for a Home Line) in the future I hope they go out of business. Oh wait they cant cause they are a Monopoly. So much for meeting consumer demand. Instead oppress the consumers. Make there experience so horrible that there is no customer loyalty. Just wait for there to be competition and Comcast will be out of business. Can’t wait for that day.

Ron M
Ron M
7 years ago

Three months ago I changed to new Xfinity plan from old comcast plan and have been at 450GB a month. I don’t know what it was before, because it was not measured (at least not by me) and was never notified by comcast of over use. This month, for example, I was gone (out of town with all computers off and no devices in use) until 6 PM on the 4th. It is now 7PM on the fifth and the data usage meter says I have used 74GB (in 25 hours) this month and I have not downloaded any movies,… Read more »

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