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AT&T Savings: 30GB Wireless Data – Old Price $30, New Price $300 (A 900% Increase)

walletAT&T has new wireless data plans you can’t afford.

Saving money takes a back seat to AT&T’s newest supersized Mobile Share data packages reported by The Verge. AT&T’s goal of monetizing data usage for their most ravenous wireless data users means a 900 percent price hike from the days of the company’s $30 unlimited data plan. Here are the newest plans:

  • 30GB data usage = $300 a month
  • 40GB data usage = $400 a month
  • 50GB data usage = $500 a month

Unlimited texting and talking are included in these prices, but the individual device fees for each smartphone, tablet, or wireless modem are not.

AT&T’s pricing is relevant to rural customers who face an imminent threat of losing landline phone and broadband service should the phone company win the right to abandon its copper wire network in favor of wireless-only service. A family watching Netflix consuming 45GB of usage on AT&T’s DSL service pay as little as $15 a month for broadband. With AT&T’s wireless Internet service, that same family will spend a prohibitive $500 a month.

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Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor
7 years ago

*reads a book*

Nothing new here. No need to worry about what’s going on in the world.

*tweet* *tweet* *tweet*

Hey internet nerds, nature is calling for you.

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