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Charter/Spectrum Launches ‘Choice’, a True A-La-Carte Video Package for $25

Phillip Dampier February 22, 2018 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News, Online Video, Video 17 Comments

Charter Communications has introduced internet-delivered cable television packages that its cable TV subscribers have requested for years, including one offering a true a-la-carte lineup of network TV channels and the customer’s choice of 10 cable channels for $25 a month.

Spectrum Choice was soft-launched this week and is a companion to a larger internet-delivered package of TV services targeting cord-cutters called Spectrum Stream, which is also available in many areas.

Although Spectrum customers can visit the order page to sign up for Spectrum Choice immediately, when we tested it this afternoon we found the website was not able to complete an order. It turns out Spectrum is initially “hand-selecting” about 100,000 customers in selected areas for Spectrum Choice, but won’t disclose exactly where those areas are. We know from some reviews, it is available in parts of Ohio.

For now, would-be customers can try building their own package from at least 65 cable networks, including several networks Spectrum usually bundles into higher cost Silver and Gold packages. For example, Turner Classic Movies, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and FX Movie Channel are all available to choose. Spectrum Choice also offers all three major cable news networks as well as Spectrum News (where available). ESPN, ESPN II, FOX Sports, NBC Sports Network, and NFL Network are also available for sports fans. Even Music Choice is included.

Spectrum Choice customers are not tied down with a bloated package of channels, except for the included large bundle of local stations, which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, MyNetworkTV, PBS, and independent/foreign language over the air stations. The availability of public television is a rarity among online cable TV alternatives. In most areas, digital subchannels like Grit and MeTV are also included, depending on what networks are provided by stations in your area. You will also get several shopping channels, C-SPAN I, II, and III, and local Public, Educational, and Government Access channels as seen on your local cable system.

If you visit their website can complete an order online, you are qualified to receive their service. If there is no option to move forward to complete an order, you are not qualified to sign up at this time, but check back later or call Spectrum and ask.

The service relies on the Spectrum TV app (available on iOS, Android, Roku, and Xbox One) and the Spectrum website to stream video programming to customers, and no set-top box is required. DVR service is not worth the effort or cost. It requires a traditional DVR set top box and you can only watch recorded shows on the television connected to the DVR. Be aware there are also restrictions viewing some channels outside of the home, just as Spectrum’s cable TV customers already understand:

Linear OOH: Watching a live channel while away from home
VOD OOH: Watching on-demand content while away from home
TVE App Name: TV Everywhere App Name – Independent apps used by programmers or viewing on their websites
VOD Parity: Cable TV and Spectrum Choice customers get access to the same on-demand programming options.

Details (click the name of the package for more information):

Spectrum Choice TV

    If you don’t mind Charter/Spectrum choosing your channel lineup, a second option offers more channels for about the same price.

  • 7-day money back guarantee/trial, then $15 for the first month
  • To get the service, you must have an internet-only plan or an internet + voice plan from Spectrum. You cannot be a current traditional cable TV subscriber
  • After the first month, the service costs $25 per month for the first two years, including the Broadcast TV Surcharge, but excluding tax
  • After 24 months, price increases to $30 a month
  • Your assigned Spectrum TV username and password will also work on websites that authenticate you as a qualified cable TV customer
  • Premium channels are $7.50 each for HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, and Starz Encore or bundle all-five for $15 a month for two years. Epix is also available a-la-carte.

Spectrum Stream TV

  • $21.99 a month (not including $3 Broadcast TV Surcharge) for 25+ pre-selected channels including local stations and major basic cable networks
  • All features included with Choice TV work similarly except the lineup is not a-la-carte. But you may get more channels at a comparable price.
  • After two years, the price increases to $26.99. Starting in year three, the price rises again to $34.99.
  • The same $15 promotion for five premium movie networks noted above applies, if interested.

Spectrum’s promotion of Stream TV. (1:00)

Currently there are 17 comments on this Article:

  1. kaniki says:

    and yet, they still do nothing about the things that people need more.. Like an internet service that they can afford.. Cable is a luxury, but, a lot of schools require you to go online to do stuff.. and to not be able to do that from home, is limiting kids ability to do their work.. People also use the internet to look up facts, history, science stuff, etc.. There is a lot of educational stuff that is reliant on an internet connection.. Yet, they completely ignore that, just because there are things like Netflix that can hurt their business.. I understand the business model, but, at the same time, if money is that important, and you need it so badly to keep your company running, then how about taking a pay cut Mr CEO, and lower your 98 million dollar pay check down, so people can get the more important things that they can use, and need.. I guess, in the end, entertainment is more important to them, then our kids futures..

    • EJ says:

      Kaniki we all know what is happening. They charge that because they can. In most areas there one competitor is inferior so they can charge to much and thus they will.

      • kaniki says:

        and the sad part is, there is nothing that anyone can do.. I am missing TWC more and more these days.. But, on a positive note.. They are loosing customers right and left too. I am low income, so I signed up for that low income internet service that goes through cell towers. That is running me $10 a month. I had to buy the box too, but it ran me $200 for a full years of internet coverage off of the sprint towers. Yea, it is low speeds, but, that averages about $17 a month, vs Spectrum at $65 or more.. I will get 1 years of service, for what spectrum wants for 3 months.. So, after this month, they are being dropped. The only reason I m not doing it now is because I was paid ahead, and want to use up that first.

        and then since Velocity is installing here, as soon as they move into a neighborhood, most people are switching to them too.. 150/150 for 60 vs 100/10 for 65.. Why would you stay with slower for more cost?? They also have phone service for $10 too, but with them, it is NOT an introductory rate, like it is with spectrum. So as they go into new neighborhoods, spectrum is loosing customers big time.

        I noticed that a lot of my neighbors are dropping them too. I have one neighbor that was paying 140 or 160 a month for service.. Then, spectrum took over and their rates went up by about 100 dollars, so they dropped them. I have another friend that told them to drop the cable part off of their service. The rep refused to take it off, and then when she got the bill in, she saw it still on there. She called up and told them that she had it taken off.. She did not even have any kind of digital box to even use the service, so she had no way to access the cable service either. She said, i am not paying it. They said, you have to, and since it was on there, they refused to take the extra off her bill. So she told them to completely shut off everything. It was the only way they would shut off the cable part. I have been seeing, and hearing a lot of stuff like this from spectrum customers lately, and they have been dropping customers left and right because of it.

    • Maribel says:

      You can now drive internet for 14.99 if the children are register for the lunch program.

  2. Todd says:

    I got called with this offer yesterday, actually.

    The problem with this, is yes, at $22, it seems like a good deal, and I’d almost consider it.

    Except the agent didn’t mention as you did, that year two, it goes to $27, and year three to $35.

    On top of all of it, I would then lose the 3/1 Internet, now at $20, and be moved to paying $70 for Internet, which is just outrageous.

    So at a minimum, this costs me $53 more/month. And even more years two and three.

    No thanks!

    • Oh how clever they are. They want you to abandon the old $14.99 TWC Everyday Low Price internet plan to qualify for this. I wouldn’t take this deal if the budget priced internet you have is working well for you. Thanks for the insight.

    • kaniki says:

      It is not just that.. Spectrum has been doing a lot of that kind of stuff lately.. False advertising, etc.. Here, they advertise internet, cable, phone, for only 29.99 each.. But they do not say it like that.. They say, get cable for only 29.99.. Get internet for only 29.99.. then they go onto the phone and say the same.. What they do not say is, when bundled, introductory offer, etc.. People that are blind will not be able to read that fine print.. Not only that, but I do not think that they have, “only when bundling all 3 services” on it either.. They have in fine print, when bundled.. But, you can bundle internet and cable, and that is still a bundle. But, if you do that, they charge 40 each, not 30..

      Not only that, but they also say “fastest starting speeds for the price” on their ad. That is just a flat out lie. Here, we have Velocity.. granted, they are not fully installed yet, but they do have different areas that are. Velocity offers 150/150 for 60.. Spectrum is 100/10 for 65.. So they do not have the fastest starting speeds, or for the price down. Both are lies too. Their ads are just full of lies, deceit, missing information, and deception. I wrote to the FCC and put a complaint in about it. After all, if you are going to say 29.99 each, when bundled, and then when I call up to bundle, you tell me 10 more, each, per service.. and they did that.. Then that is false advertising. Not to mention, how many blind people are they taking advantage of with the lies.

  3. jeff says:

    if u tell the system u want to be a new customer it will let u add the choice option after selecting internet only.

    if current customer with tv it doesnt show up in the upgrade choices

  4. nelson says:

    It’s a much better deal if you happened to be one of the early-adopters like me. I signed up last April with a now-grandfathered streaming tier. For $20+mo plus tax and the (stupid) broadcast fee, I get a basic cable equivalent (including Weather Channel, ESPN, etc.) as well as all the HBO channels. Within the past month they also (by mistake?) added all the Cinemax channels too. Any other early adopters out there getting all this?

    • scott says:

      but no fox sports midwest for cards and blurs games. sorry but charter is way late to the party. playstation vue has everybody beat by a long shot . ive tried all of them. they all have something good and alot bad none of the streadd m services have all local channels except charter. at least in stl market now . but do have 3 at the moment. you can also stream up to 5 tvs from one account. you have access to allot of streams from apps such as fox sports go and network apps .. and cloud dvr.. 34.99 worth excellent servers add nd streams. tried them all and came back to ps vue as it’s the closest thing to cable without cable and w charter. ….. if you bitch loud enough and long enough you can get a get a deal on internet.

  5. Alex says:

    Another catch (I’m about to sign up for the “choice” package) is this:
    I get to pick 10 free channels out of the 60 channel line up when I sign up.
    But I just found out that after 30 days I can’t modify my selection.
    And to modify it have to call them… can’t do it online.

    At least that’s the scoop from the last spectrum rep I spoke to.

  6. Yvette says:

    Alex, This has changed, you can now change your channel choices. It was told to me by my local rep after the date you posted your comment. Hopefully it’s correct that you CAN change your chosen channels …

  7. David says:

    This is the most unreliable app I have ever used. Had tech here twice same solution from both of them. ” well just unplug it and reboot. ” I’m not kidding

  8. Josh says:

    You had a tech come to your house because of trouble with the app? Did you think he’d whip out a laptop and start writing new software code in your living room? Not sure exactly what you expected him to do.

  9. Thanks for sharing such great information with us.

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