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Charter Spectrum Hurrying Out 100 Mbps Speed Upgrades Before Year’s End

Updated 12/15: The speed upgrades for several regions including upstate New York have now launched. You may need to reset your modem to get the new speeds. You should see at least 100/10 Mbps. If that does not work, call or chat with Spectrum and have them reauthorize your modem. If you are on a legacy Bright House or Time Warner Cable plan, you will not get these upgrades until you change to a Spectrum plan. We will have a report up on the home page shortly about additional gigabit speed upgrades likely to launch next week later tonight. — PMD

“By the end of the year, Charter’s flagship speed will be an industry leading 100 megabits per second (Mbps) in virtually every market we serve. In the last year, we increased that speed 66% – from 60 Mbps to an even faster 100 Mbps – at no extra cost to our customers. Additionally, in a growing number of markets, we have begun upgrading that flagship speed to 200 Mbps.” — Charter Communications blog post for Nov. 30, 2017

Charter Communications is hurrying out 100 Mbps speed upgrades to “virtually all” its markets, whether customers were originally serviced by Charter or were acquired from Bright House Networks or Time Warner Cable.

The company has been on a publicity drive to suggest its merger/buyout of BH and TWC was consumer-friendly. Charter also wants to reassure shareholders concerned about the ongoing trend of cord-cutting and customer backlash over rising internet prices that the value of Spectrum’s faster internet service has improved.

Unfortunately, its publicity campaign also flies in the face of an industry push to convince Americans the Obama Administration’s Net Neutrality policies have neutered investments in broadband upgrades, which is exactly what did not happen with the second largest cable company in the country.

“Since 2014, Charter has invested more than $21 billion in [upgrades] including video delivery, more efficient bandwidth management and advanced compression technologies,” Charter wrote. “This investment has enabled us to improve the quality of our video while reducing the bandwidth needed for its delivery. The bandwidth that is made available can then be dedicated to significantly increasing our broadband speeds.”

Several legacy Time Warner Cable markets, particularly in upstate New York, New England, and some markets in the deep south and Rockies are still waiting for the digital television conversion that will free up bandwidth for internet speed upgrades. Albany, N.Y. is nearly complete and Rochester, N.Y. is next on the list.

Sources suggest Charter may find a way to boost speeds in almost all of its markets, regardless of whether digital TV conversions are complete. That would mean communities in these areas would see standard internet speeds rise from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps at no extra charge. Those who agreed to pay Charter’s $199 upgrade fee for “Ultra” 100 Mbps service would see their speeds rise to as high as 300 Mbps.

A quick check showed no speed changes in the Rochester market as of this afternoon, but that could change before Christmas. Customers can check if they received an upgrade by briefly unplugging their cable modem and resetting it. A speed test will verify whether your areas has received an upgrade. Customers still holding onto a legacy Bright House or Time Warner Cable plan will see no speed changes. This is part of Charter’s effort to convince customers to abandon older plans and switch to Spectrum plans and pricing.

If speed upgrades are not in place by the end of 2017, they will be coming for the remaining Time Warner Cable markets in early 2018.

Meanwhile on Oahu, in Hawaii, Spectrum internet customers are welcoming gigabit internet (introductory price $104.99/mo). Those who don’t want to pay that much also received a free speed upgrade. What was 60 Mbps in the summer increased to 100 Mbps in the fall and as of Dec. 1 is now 200 Mbps. Similar speed increases will be coming to the cities that get gigabit upgrades from Charter. We anticipate all of those cities designated for gigabit service from Spectrum already have substantial competition from gigabit speed fiber to the home service from AT&T or Verizon.

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  1. Reuben Mahar says:

    New Speeds are online in Waldoboro Maine. 04572. Testing at 112 x 11. I wonder if this has anything to do with LCI offering fiber in my area,,,,, lcifiber.net

  2. Don says:

    I’m in Gates, New York and I’m on the ultra plan and my speeds were around 117/11.5 but now are showing around 141/11.5 but not sure why. The speed really only went up by about 24 higher speed down so if defaults speeds were updated then I would think it would have gone up more than that. Very odd.

  3. Racerbob says:

    A friend here in Webster started seeing 150 Mbps download speed yesterday. A chat with Spectrum today told him that more speed would be seen next week, but not the full 300 just yet.

  4. Don says:

    I just got off the phone with Spectrum and I asked about the small speed increase. He said that I am part of the new lift area. He said that in my area customers on the ultra 100 plan are receiving the new lift speeds as there new default and that default was now 140 not the 117 speed for ultra. I asked if this was just a stepping stone to 300 speed for my area and was told no.

  5. Racerbob says:

    Confirmed upgrade here in West Webster. 60/5 is now 100/10 for me.


  6. bc says:

    woke up to 130/15 speeds this morning
    batavia ny 14020

  7. DCUNY says:

    113/12 now in area of Hilton, NY. Was 70/6 last year or so.

  8. James Kaufman says:

    Tried contacting Charter Spectrum for my area today (Eau Claire, Wisconsin). Was told that yes, the speed increase is available in my area, but that it would involve switching to a different package, with an increase in the cost of our Internet service. (We currently have the 60Mbps service. The switch from 30Mbps to 60Mbps did NOT involve a price increase, all we had to do was reset our modem.)

  9. Rob says:

    Called in from just outside of Buffalo to inquire on this change from 60 to 100 Mbps. Was informed that I was already switched over and that other items on my network may be causing me to see low readings from Speedtest. With my wireless router disconnected I was only getting 70.86 down and 5.93 up.

    • Don says:

      I would as the article above says try rebooting your modem by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in on the modem. Do another speed test and see if you are getting it then. If not you need to call Spectrum back and explain what troubleshooting you have done and see if you need them to send you out a different modem that is capable of getting the full speed. Good luck.

      • Rob says:

        That I did Don, Tier 1 Support tried to tell me that I might have too much going on my network (Streaming TV, Phones/Tablets connected to the network, etc.) to which I explained multiple times saying my wireless router is shut off and I’m still showing 70.80 up and 5.93 down. Figured I’d give it a day and reach out to a different tech that might be a little more understanding.

        • nanaki says:

          If your on a 100mbit card you will not see a full 100 mbit but do to over head will see between 70 and 85 90 if your computer and network are brand new and working perfectly. There is always between a 10 and 20 or 25% over head on a network that is just simple fact nothing any one can do about it. That overhead comes from things like packet headers etc. If your card is in 100/10 (half duplex 7x.xxto 85/90 /5 to 8Mb are more or less on target. Make sure your network card is set to 100 full duplex and youll hit 11+ MB upload. In my area (akron ohio) we got upgraded back about 2 months ago and on a gigabit nic equiped computer are gettign between 120 and 130 135 with spikes / 11 to 12 with spikes to 13mb o speed tests. On my laptop with a 100mbit switch and a 100mbit nic im getting 75 to 85Mbit with apikes to 89 or 90Mbit. This is smack on target for my set up.

          So for those getting sub 100 check your network settings make sure your card is gigabit or better and running full duplex if a 100 mbit nic before calling up spectrum and trying to fix what may not be broken. Seems upload is around 10Mbit currently from what our spectrum tech said their over all goal for this year / summer is full duplex 300+ market wide least to have it avail. Spectrum is looking to impress i suspect they may give these speeds as defacto standard package speeds with higher speeds as a premium offering or may offer like 150 150 with 300 as premium then on a future increase make 300 300 standard with higher speeds premium. These guys have allot to prove after the mergers.

          My only complaint with them is their billing system SUCKS. They lost a money order i paid with for 3 months then finally credited me for it when they found it. But other than that pretty damn solid service at a solid price in a area where there is no real comp for them good job spectrum i give you half a hat tip get that damn billing mess figured out and ill give you a full hat tip hehe

  10. Paul says:

    I called about the free upgrade from 60 to 100 BMps, but it turns out not so free. They need to upgrade the code on my modem (free), but also say they have to upgrade the cable TV box codes(not free) and would charge more for cable TV.

  11. DCUNY says:

    I now have the new 100Mbps service. I currently have an Arris SB6141 customer owned modem. Does anyone know if upgrading to the Arris SB6183 would provide any additional benefits? Thanks in advance.

    • Jose says:

      For 100Mbps service, your current modem is perfectly fine for your plan. The Arris SB6183 has double the download channels than your current modem. For Spectrum, I would not upgrade your modem at least until the DOCSIS 3.1 Modems are released and the standard matures. If you have Comcast, which can take advantage of the 8 additional download channels, I would say go for it as long as you get the SB 6183 for the best price.

  12. David Harris says:

    Reporting 115.51 Mbps download and 11.49 Mbps in the Bakersville, NC area

  13. Richard says:

    Madison WI. Just got off chat with Spectrum to get our service upgraded. Took half an hour to find out:
    1. They can’t automatically upgrade us from 60 to 100 Mbps because it will cause changes to our channel lineup and pricing.
    2. Except that our actual channel lineup will not change at all.
    3. And the $2 price increase the agent mentioned goes into effect next month whether our internet is upgraded or not.
    So it should have been automatic and this was just a time waster. Anyway, getting 115 / 5 now.

  14. Rob says:

    Reset modem for 15mins while performing Windows Updates after seeing local advertisement for 100 Mbps. Latest Speedtest, 59.06 down, 5.01 Up. Much less than my 12/29 update.

  15. Chris says:

    Im in Tri-Cities, WA and just caught wind of the upgrade. Charter said they’d be doing this at some point over the last year and it finally happened for us in WA state. I believe they were working south to north for upgrades in the USA, so markets in So Cal or Florida would have been first in line to get the network upgrades. What I did not know is that a modem reset was required to trigger the faster speeds. Charter wasn’t good about letting us know about it in my area. Using speedtest.net and using the best local site to test my speeds, I managed 94.9 Mbps down and 11.39 Mbps up. Nice improvement.

    100/10 is adequate bandwidth for nearly anyone this day in age, but with the growing demands of 4K video, online gaming, and home movie servers/streaming it will be important for Charter to not settle for the 100/10. It’s a nice jump at no cost but it’s not good enough for what’s coming very soon. Download speeds don’t need to be gigabit (though that’s nice), but they need to be averaging around 150 Mbps down and Charter needs to catch up with groups like Comcast who have been pushing their upload channels for years. They were at 12 Mbps up when I last used them and I heard they did at least 2 upgrades over the last 2 years that took them to 15 and then to 20 Mbps upload. We need more upload bandwidth on Charter so I hope people keep harping at Charter to get aggressive about that aspect of their service. I’ll also be interested to see what the monthly costs are for the 300 Mbps tier and what kind of upload speeds are offered with that.

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