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Charter Freezing Out Chiller Network; Thrown Off Cable Lineups April 25

Phillip Dampier March 1, 2017 BH (See Charter), Charter Spectrum, Consumer News, TWC (see Charter) 16 Comments

Charter Communications is continuing to trim back its cable-TV lineup, this time with the elimination of Chiller, Comcast/NBC’s horror network.

TVpredictions, first to report the channel drop, reports the blow is a big one for the niche network, which will lose 17.2 million more of its 34 million home potential audience, after Dish Networks dropped the network for its 13.7 million subscribers in February. April 25 will be the last day for Chiller on Charter/Spectrum’s lineup nationwide.

When large cable operators drop a network of Chiller’s size and relative obscurity, it is usually not a good sign for the future of that channel. Esquire Network announced its imminent sign-off as a linear TV channel just a month after AT&T and DirecTV unilaterally dropped it. Already gone from the Charter lineup is Cloo, and more channel trimming is anticipated.

Chiller has been on the cable dial since 2006 airing movies and various original series covering the horror and sci-fi genres. Its future as a linear network is questionable, considering it has lost more than half of its potential audience. But NBC Universal claimed in a statement Chiller would continue as-is, with no plans to shutter the channel.

Currently there are 16 comments on this Article:

  1. Dave says:

    I’d support this move, if it actually meant lower bills for customers, but Chatter doesn’t operate that way. This will mean more profits for them, as they raise your bill and keep cutting channels. Skip the scam, switch to an antenna and Netflix and save yourself untold pain and write a bit of cash every month.

  2. David says:

    Unfortunately this is the result of vertical integration. Comcast has a pricing advantage to their own customer base, and who knows maybe they demanded carry rates well above what the market rate was for Charter. You will see even more bad acting when AT&T takes over time warner. Expect HBO and all their properties to be shifted for capture on their platform.

    For me this will lead to a brighter future where these niche channels can be subscribed to individually on the web via an app for a reasonable rate and on demand without commercials. However Comcast is not such a trail blazer so this will have to come from new startups or more progressive content proviers.

    TBH, never heard of the chan…

  3. James R Curry says:

    If this means the end of the network, that’s a shame. I like Chiller.

  4. Wendell says:

    Take them religious channels off . and them Cspan channels off. Them stupid shopping channels off. And leave chiller on…

    • Roger says:

      If I’m not mistaken, they don’t pay for C-SPAN and may not pay for the religious and shopping channels. If they do, it is a nominal fee.

      In addition, Chiller is either gone or on its last legs nationwide. It is one of the first victims of the great cable network purge that is starting to hit the industry.

      • Kerry says:

        Very upset with N. B.C. For dropping the chiller channel . I subscribed to tier 1 so I could get all of the channels listed in tier one. It is the old bait and switch . I will be looking for other servers where channels won’t be dropped. I would even consider signing a two year contract .

  5. John says:

    CSPAN is paid for by cable and sat. operators, it’s their organization, and they pay dues per customer.

  6. Kerry says:

    Should the F. C. C. step in and stop what seems to be consumer fraud .

  7. Kerry says:

    This makes four channels that have been removed in the last 60 days. We are still paying the same .

  8. Mike Colceri says:


    • Tammy Nelson says:

      This is crap! Why are the customers always losing and they always win?

      I pay quite a bit for cable and internet. If you are cutting channels, at least lower our bill.

      I want Chiller back! Yes, Charter, I’m talking to you!

  9. Bill says:

    I’ve had it with Time Warner and now Spectrum. Just purchased an amplified antenna and hooked it up. I get over 15 local channels in true HD (1080p vs 720p on cable). Next I will get 80 channels in true HD from DirectTV by streaming for $50/mo (they have streaming packages from 60 channels for $35/mo up to 120 channels for $70/mo, no contract). They also have HBO, Cinemax, etc. for $5 each/mo extra. All you need is an internet connection of 10mbs or better. Follow me. It will take a little effort, but you can’t go wrong.

  10. Rebecca says:

    G damnit. I am sick of this! So many channels have been lost since Spectrum took over. They cannot run their system well half the time, and now they’re cutting channels monthly. Wtf are we paying for?

  11. DPNY says:

    As soon as Spectrum took over, my bill went up (a couple of dollars, but still)! I pay almost $250 a month as it is now for the package! I can think of alot of other sucky channels they could take away that I wouldn’t miss – stop cutting our channels, SPECTRUM!!!!! I will miss Chiller 🙁

  12. Linda says:

    Removing channels but charging the same..Not right! Contact the FCC

  13. Joe says:

    I have antenna tv that pulls in about 60 stations, netflix and hulu, love it

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