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Time Warner Cable/Bright House Customers: Here is Charter/Spectrum’s Promotional Price List

charter-twc-bhThanks to one of our readers who also happens to be a TWC employee, here is the latest update to Charter/Spectrum’s list of first year promotions, taking effect in California and Texas (9/20) this month.

We expect it will be rolling out to other TWC and BH regions over the next few months. Unless you are compelled to change packages, if you are on a current Time Warner Cable or Bright House promotion or retention deal, we recommend you keep it until it expires. You can then enroll in one of these promotions, almost certainly at these prices, extending the length of your savings.

We expect Charter’s retention department to deliver a tougher line on retention packages and promotions than Time Warner Cable gave customers. Once these promotional prices expire, your rates will step up each year for two years thereafter until you reach the “rack rate” — Charter’s regular pricing. Your ability to secure new customer pricing again will probably require you to bounce between providers or cancel/come back as a new customer. I am told by long-time Charter customers that Charter’s retention prices are usually not as good as new customer pricing.

We have some corrections to our earlier coverage on this last month: broadband-only customers will pay a promotional rate of $39.99 a month for the first year for 60Mbps service, $79.99 a month for 100Mbps service (100Mbps or 300Mbps in existing TWC Maxx territories), not the $60/99 rack rate. We have received word Earthlink will continue to be another option for customers to consider for broadband service, which can be a good way to secure extended promotional pricing. Another change: phone service is now an extra $10 a month, not $20, as part of a triple play package. We notice Charter only lists free calling to U.S. numbers on this sheet. Time Warner Cable includes free calls to Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India, The EU, Norway and U.S. territories. We are unsure if this represents an omission or a downgrade. Also, the Wi-Fi fee is waived for Spectrum Ultra, which corrects our earlier piece where we thought this fee would apply to both broadband packages. Multi-DVR service pricing is still confusing on this chart. We’ve heard Charter intends to ditch TWC’s Whole House DVR service and give subscribers the option of multiple standalone DVR units instead. DVR pricing is: $4.99 for each DVR box + an $11.99 DVR service fee (if you have only one DVR). If you want multiple DVRs, they are each $4.99 a month with an all-inclusive monthly service fee of $19.99, regardless of how many extra DVR boxes you rent.

Obviously, we will be looking for money-saving opportunities for our readers once we get a better handle on Charter’s way of doing business.


Currently there are 8 comments on this Article:

  1. Jhf5 says:

    This makes me wonder if 60 or 100 will be standard internet in New York State, PSC ordered “100
    in New York, “

  2. James R Curry says:

    As an existing TWC customer paying the full amount, should I get the promotional rate for the first year after the Charter buy out?

    Do I need to call them?

    And will it lock me into any sort of contract? Because I’m already signed up for Google Fiber and am just waiting an install date.

  3. Mike D. says:

    Many thanks, very informative. And yes please do keep us up to date on those money-saving opportunities.

  4. Bob says:

    I am happy to hear that Earthlink will still be an option. I am in the Rochester, NY service area and currently in a promo deal for 30/5 service until November and then quite possibly we will switch to Earthlink to wait our turn in this area for Spectrum pricing and plans to take effect. Also, is there any word at all if and when we may see Maxx speeds in this area and how that might fit into Spectrum’s plans for this area ?

    • jhf5 says:

      Maxx is a non starter nationwide, some states that require Maxx style speeds like New York will get 100Mb/s speeds in February, I am not sure if the standard speed will be 60 or 100 though.

      • Bob says:

        Yes, so I shall wait to see what Spectrum charges me in November for my 30/5 internet only service after my promo ends and then review the latest news of when we may see new speed levels offered here in this area. It is then that I will make the decision to defect to Earthlink for a period of time for their 20/2 service and return to the mother ship (Spectrum) as a new customer at a later date. 100 Mbps download for the $60 price level would be great. But I am not holding my breath on that one. I live in a Greenlight fiber neighborhood right now, but unfortunately, my neighbors are not signing up for that service (100/20 service for $50 a month , 500/50 for $75, and 1000/100 for $100) . We are stuck at 34% of Greenlight’s sign up goal for my area. They need 100 % of their goal before they start running fiber to our homes.

  5. johnny says:

    So what happens to customer that was at the 200/20, does it drop us to the 100/10?

    2nd question. TWC used to DRM ALL their channels except the “local” channels. Will this continue or will TWC/Charter Spectrum remove some of the DRM (Copy-Once).

    I ask, because I use HDHomeRun Prime, and stuck using Windows 7 for WMC.

  6. Scott says:

    Can confirm in Indianapolis they are NOT offering anything but 60 or 100 mbps packages. They will not be offering advance DVR features such as 6 channel recording at once or whole house DVR. If your old equipment breaks you will be forced to older technology for a price hike under new plans (maybe cheaper the 1st 12 months, but then it will go higher).

    Bright House offered 200 mbps, pitched 300 was coming soon and cutting edge technology. We are going to see a roll back of features and speeds and price increases. How was this good for America FCC? There is no competition, if a neighbor hood is Bright House it is now Spectrum and you cannot get another provider. The deal should have been that Spectrum must be competitive to the technology of whom it acquired as well as the competition.

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