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Time Warner Cable Maxx Upgrades Coming This Year in the Northeast/Midwest

Phillip Dampier January 28, 2016 Broadband Speed, Competition, Consumer News, TWC (see Charter) 22 Comments

twc maxxTime Warner Cable has announced it will refocus its Maxx upgrade program, boosting broadband speeds to up to 300Mbps, on the Northeast and Midwest in 2016.

CEO Robert Marcus told investors on a morning conference call the company will continue making robust investments in improving its network and service regardless of the pending merger with Charter Communications.

“We have an ambitious 2016 financial and operating plan marked by continued subscriber growth, better financial performance, and continued investment to improve the customer experience,” Marcus said. “We plan to continue the rollout of TWC Maxx, completing cities begun in 2015, and adding cities primarily in the Northeast and Midwest.”

Coinciding with that announcement, Time Warner this afternoon announced its first new Maxx upgrade for 2016 will focus on the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.

Starting this week, customers will receive communications from TWC outlining a transition to a 100%-digital network. Moving to an all-digital lineup is required to free up the necessary capacity to offer faster Internet speeds in the Hudson Valley area, beginning this spring.

“With TWC Maxx, we’re essentially reinventing the TWC experience,” said, Gary Withey, area vice president of operations for Albany and Hudson Valley. “We will boost Internet speeds for customers up to six times faster, dramatically improve the TV product and set a high bar in our industry for differentiated, exceptional customer service.”

New York's Hudson Valley

New York’s Hudson Valley

TWC Maxx will be available to all customers in the following Hudson Valley service areas: Hunter, Liberty, Middletown, Monticello, Newburgh, Olive, Port Ewen, Port Jervis, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Rosendale, Saugerties, Walden, Woodstock and Wurtsboro.

Time Warner Cable’s resumed focus on the Northeast comes more than a year after launching Maxx upgrades in the New York City area. This year, upgrades are expected to target upstate New York, western Massachusetts, Maine, and Ohio.

Customers receiving Maxx upgrades get much faster Internet service or the opportunity to downgrade to a cheaper Internet plan that still delivers up to six times faster speed than customers now receive.

Starting this spring, customers who subscribe to Standard, formerly up to 15Mbps, will receive up to 50Mbps, customers who subscribe to Extreme, formerly up to 30Mbps, will receive up to 200Mbps; and customers who subscribe to Ultimate, formerly up to 50Mbps, will receive up to 300Mbps, with no change in their monthly plan price.

Some customers will need to switch out their modems to receive the faster speeds and they will be communicated with via mail, email and phone messages with information on how to obtain a new modem. Stop the Cap! still recommends customers buy their own modems and save the $10 a month Time Warner now charges to lease a cable modem.

The transition to an all-digital network will require video customers without TWC digital equipment (customers who plug their cable line directly into the TV, VCR or similar device) to order a TWC digital adapter.

TWC will offer existing TV customers one or more digital adapters at no charge, for any outlets that do not currently have digital equipment, through June 29, 2017. To qualify, customers must order their digital adapters by October 23, 2016. After this free period, each adapter will be billed at the prevailing price. TWC residential customers can order digital adapters through www.TWC.com/digitaladapter, calling 1-844-841-5085 or in person at a Time Warner Cable store.

Currently there are 22 comments on this Article:

  1. Bob says:

    Why are you showing a map that includes the Capital Region of NY State? (Albany & Rensselaer) Because obviously, according to this article, TWC doesn’t intend to upgrade that region of the “Hudson Valley”! And anyone that actually lives in the Capital Region and north of Interstate 90, realizes that the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Orange, etc are NOT “upstate NY”…they are downstate!

    • 1. TWC is starting in that part of the Hudson Valley but we expect they are also going to tackle the rest of upstate New York as well this year, including Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo (and probably Binghamton).

      2. My friends in Westchester County and NYC consider anything north of them “upstate New York.” 🙂 They consider Rochester and Buffalo a part of Canada. 🙂

      The caption on the image is “Hudson Valley,” not upstate New York.

  2. bob says:

    how is this fair to existing customers who reside in areas where upgrade hasnt gone through. im supposed to pay 60 plus dollars each month for extreme internet speeds of 30mpbs(doesnt come close) while in areas like nyc and charlotte they pay 60 for speeds up to 200 mpbs, really frustrated with twc. it just doesnt seem fair

  3. FredH says:

    Rome NY has gotten the notice about the all digital transition happening April 26th. Hopefully, that means we’ll be getting the higher internet speeds as well. One point on the digital adapters – they are free only for 12 months. After the 12 months they will be billed at $3.75 per month. These box fees are getting outrageous. Our cable bill jumped $10 this month because of increases for our DVR rentals and program guides.

  4. DLF says:

    I was told on the chat that Maine (Specifically Bangor Area) was getting MAXX by the end of the second quarter 2016.
    Grain of salt.. but something at least.

  5. SteveP says:

    Any word on Ohio upgrades in 2016? At the rate things are going, I’m not sure any areas will be upgraded before the end of the year.

    • RichS says:

      I was told I would be getting a free upgrade from my max that I pay $60+ per month for, up to 100 sometime this Summer. I was told it would be fast and I would not even notice as I already have upgraded modem/router in my house. No change yet. just logged in to my account it says I have the most speed available for my area, 50mbps.

      • Steve P. says:

        The latest rumor I heard is that upgrades have been on indefinite hold since May 26. No word yet on if/when it will start up again, or what form it may take. If there’s any competition to Time Warner in your area, you might seriously want to look into it. I’m hoping to have the option of fiber from Cincinnati Bell in the fall. Can’t wait to leave Time Warner behind.

        By the way, the upgrade for 50mbps users used to be 300mbps. Are they saying it’s 100mbps now?

        • I am not aware of any practical delays on any of these projects except where equipment isn’t available or techs are forced to handle other things — especially supporting customers during the digital TV transition. I am tracking Maxx upgrades weekly and looking for anomalies and haven’t found anything on the corporate side, but having technical or regional logistical issues crop up isn’t unheard of.

          If you are hearing upgrades for 50Mbps customers being 100Mbps, I think that is the result of confusion over the two product sets. Time Warner Cable plans are likely to be sold side-by-side whatever Charter is going to offer through its Spectrum brand for awhile. Spectrum will have two Internet tiers — 60 and 100Mbps. Time Warner Cable Maxx has many more, ranging from Everyday Low Price Internet $14.99 to Ultimate. The Maxx upgrade speed chart on TWC’s website has not changed. If your community was publicly announced as a Maxx city, you will get Maxx. If not, Charter may decide to simply do its “good enough for you” upgrade that boosts speeds to a max of 100Mbps for now. After DOCSIS 3.1, I am sure things will get faster.

          New York is forcing Charter to grandfather TWC plans for up to three years and upgrade the whole state to Maxx. In contrast, Ohio’s PUCO rubber stamped the merger deal and offered company lobbyists hors d’oeuvres to make up for the inconvenience of even having to ask for a deal approval. That’s a consequence of the voters electing a governor (and his appointees) who believes cable companies are free market darlings, despite the missing part about competition.

          • SteveP says:

            Geez, Ohio sucks… do you know if any places have been upgraded since, say, Thursday, May 26? Also, how do I tell if Cincinnati is a Maxx city? I found a press release, but it’s kind of vague. Says Northern Kentucky will get speed upgrades and Cincinnati will go all digital, but I’m not seeing anything in it saying anything about speed increases for Cincinnati

            • Upstate New York – Syracuse is still being upgraded. WIsconsin was the last region to announce the start of a Maxx transition as of 5/6 and they are still moving forward on the transition to digital TV.

          • SteveP says:

            The following is what’s going around, supposedly from a Time Warner Cable internal memo:
            “The Maxx Internet Speed Increase Program is currently undergoing review by our leadership team. As a result, all speed increases and customer communications were placed on a temporary hold beginning Thursday, May 26.Once the updated launch schedule is determined, updated hub schedules will be posted to KEY and area management will be notified. Customers will continue to receive notification when the new speeds are available in their hubs.”

  6. Thanks for this. That helped me track down some disturbing developments. You will see a new article on this issue today.

    Sometimes you cannot get admissions about certain things unless you demonstrate you have some evidence and not just speculation.

  7. Rob says:

    With Time Warner issuing their “all-digital” notice to customers this week to all the Rochester, NY news outlets, does this mean we can expect the upgraded speeds for our broadband as well?

    • John says:

      Yes February late? was announced in August at a presser with the governor.

      • Bob says:

        In case anyone is interested,,,over the weekend we discovered a website that is semi-live. You cannot order service yet from this site, but the interesting thing is the speed for internet. Note that on the all in one packages, the download speed for internet is 100 Mbps. Also note the price list from November that includes Rochester as one of the locations at the top of the page. It certainly seems to me that we here in this area will be seeing speed levels of 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps. As it was mentioned, this is not going to take place until first quarter of 2017. BUT, I do know for a fact someone who lives in my town of Webster, NY (just east of Rochester) who was able to get 100 Mbps over this past weekend. Everything was handled as a legacy Time Warner transaction and not under the new Spectrum business system. So the website to check is here in my post and the price list is also included. Oh, places like Queens, NY which is also on the price list also have 100 Mbps basic service.



  8. Charles C Webb says:

    I heard that the time warner internet speed upgrades was delayed and put to a stop. it was posted back in August here is the link to it. http://www.fiercecable.com/cable/charter-kills-twc-maxx-digital-upgrades I just wanted to know is this true. if not any idea when Massachusetts will be getting this upgrade. also if Orange, Massachusetts is getting it. Thank You.

    • Bob says:

      Yes, speed increases were stopped, but now Spectrum is calling the shots and in most places there will be two levels of service from them. 60 or 100 Mbps download, with some parts of the country seeing up to 300 Mbps speed plans.

      • Hillary clinton says:

        wisconsin’s speed is still 15mbps for $60 + $10 modem full price

        charter is purposely taking a long time to do the package switches . Most of wisconsin is legacy charter already so it shouldn’t be that hard to swtich twc to spectrum. (Twc here is already all digital and already has 16 channel downstream internet) .

        They had no excuse for stopping twc maxx

        • John says:

          You bet they are, they promised FCC no modem lease fees, they are drawing it out to suck 10 dollars out of every TWC customer.

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