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Rogers Increases Speeds, But Annoying Usage Caps Remain the Same

Phillip Dampier November 7, 2012 Broadband Speed, Canada, Consumer News, Editorial & Site News, Internet Overcharging, Rogers 2 Comments

Rogers Communications customers equipped with DOCSIS 3 modems are getting free speed upgrades, some starting today:

  • Ultimate: download speeds will increase from up to 75Mbps to up to 150Mbps (by the end of the year) (250GB limit);
  • Extreme Plus: download speeds will increase from up to 32Mbps to up to 45Mbps (150GB limit);
  • Extreme: download speeds will increase from up to 28Mbps to up to 35Mbps (120GB limit);
  • Express: download speeds will increase from up to 18Mbps to up to 25Mbps (80GB limit).

Customers with DOCSIS 2.0 modems will need to acquire a new DOCSIS 3.0 modem and service plan to take advantage of the new speeds.

Remember, all Rogers Internet plans carry overlimit fees, some steep:

  • Ultra Lite – $5.00/GB to a maximum of $100.00
  • Lite – $4.00/GB to a maximum of $100.00
  • Express – $2.00/GB to a maximum of $100.00
  • Extreme – $1.50/GB to a maximum of $100.00
  • Extreme Plus – $1.25/GB to a maximum of $100.00
  • Ultimate – $0.50/GB to a maximum of $100.00

Our regular Canadian reader Alex Perrier reminds us that “faster speeds mean faster drain of [your] usage allowance.”



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  1. D Elefante says:

    I’m not sure if this is widely known in the US, but in Canada they have competition (like CLECs used to be in the US), TPIA. So Rogers has to bulk resell their service and offer the exact same speeds to competitors. So competitive HSI resellers will get these boosts too. I just switched my parents to Teksavvy which rides on top of Rogers. They have the “lite” 6/256k which only costs them $30 a month and has a 300GB cap, where if you bought the same service on Rogers its $38 for only 20GB with punitive overages ($4/GB). They do mild streaming, email, and web–so this is perfect for them. In my highly competitive area (NE suburbs of Buffalo), I couldn’t get a price like that… If you deconstruct the pricing they are giving 300GB for $30GB which works out to ten CENTS per GB where Rogers is netting $4 (40x the cost) for the same thing. It reminds me of the old days when dialing long distance direct, until Sprint came along :)

    So it’s $8 less, the same service and 20GB->300GB cap. BTW, they have a shiny new D3 modem (no monthly fee) which will last them for years.

    So if people are complaining, they are not shopping around so I say let them pay to subsidize the crafty ones….

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