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Updated: Time Warner Cable Experiencing Widespread Problems With Phone Service in Northeast

Phillip Dampier October 31, 2012 Consumer News, Time Warner Cable 2 Comments

Time Warner Cable is experiencing problems with its “digital phone” service today in the northeastern United States. Callers as far west as Buffalo and east to the Atlantic are reporting they are unable to consistently complete certain calls, particularly to long distance or toll-free numbers. In Broome County, Binghamton, N.Y.’s 911 service is inaccessible from Time Warner Cable phone lines and calls are being routed to a lower priority call center where customers may find themselves on hold for extended periods.

Callers may hear messages indicating “all circuits are busy” when placing certain calls.

Time Warner Cable acknowledged the problem, but could not provide an estimate when service would be restored. Customers may sporadically experience difficulties making and receiving calls, getting a dial tone, accessing voicemail services, and may not be able to forward incoming calls or receive Caller ID information.

It was uncertain whether the outage was related to the impact of Sandy, the remnants of which are now over Lake Ontario heading into Canada.

Updated 3:15pm EDT: Time Warner Cable now reports these problems have been resolved.

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  1. thomas brady says:

    Why am I having problems with my volume control? I cannot turn the volume up or down. The batteries are brand new and every other button seems to work fine. I am also having the phone problem where it says “we are unable to complete your call at this time”, even with local numbers. I pay over 200 dollars a month, I rarely complain, but when do you think these issues will be resolved? Especially the 911 service. I am disabled and extremely concerned that I may have to wait too long if I have to call an ambulance because I suddenly can’t breath.

    Thank you for your time reading my concerns. It is appreciated.

    Patricia Brady for Thomas Brady

    • The Time Warner website is currently having problems but my guess is that the remote control settings are messed up or the remote has failed. They eventually do break. If you can swap it out at your nearest cable store, that may solve the problem for you (keep your batteries).

      The problem with unable to complete calls is definitely a TWC problem that got bad after Sandy struck. It should not affect 911 service because they give priority to those calls. It should be getting better now.

      Anyone worried about this should probably have a backup cell phone. You can get a prepaid phone from most stores for around $10 and you do not need to activate it or maintain it. Every cell phone is supposed to support free 911 calls whether it is activated/paid account or not.

      I found backup phones at Sears, Dollar General or Wal-Mart running around $8-12

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