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Time Warner Cable’s One-Sided Conversation About Usage Caps Continues

Phillip Dampier July 24, 2012 Consumer News, Editorial & Site News, Internet Overcharging, Time Warner Cable 6 Comments

Still not listening

Around the beginning of July, Time Warner Cable invited customers facing the imminent arrival of their 5GB-usage capped “Internet Essentials” plan the opportunity to participate in “conversations” with the cable operator on a special website.

As we near the end of the month, despite readers sending a number of comments to Time Warner about the plan, the company has chosen to publish just one, which has nothing to do with the issue:

Ann McGarity
I am very upset at the loss of channel 9. We were without it before when we had Dish for a while and one of the reasons we returned to TWC was to get it back. Now we have to put up with Maine news and will have no idea about important NH issues. This is very disturbing, particularly in this political season. Can anything be done?

Apparently Time Warner isn’t too interested in what customers have to say, even on a website that was supposed to be all about dialogue.


Currently there are 6 comments on this Article:

  1. jr says:

    “Customers are greedy and Glenn Britt is needy”-TWC Conversations

  2. rick mach says:

    I live in Austin and submitted a comment a week or so ago and it hasn’t appeared.

  3. [...] interested in having a “dialogue” with users about the new pricing option, but as Stop the Cap notes, the website that Time Warner Cable is using for this supposed “conversation” [...]

  4. Jeremy says:

    My comment hasn’t posted. It is funny that they call it a conversation where they will only post their statement, none from any other person or source.

  5. Dawoud says:

    Dear Phillip:

    I have just submitted the following comment on TWC “Internet Essentials” Website, which I think is less likely to be published than a Syrian demonstrator’s comment submitted on thw Website of Bashar (Murderous Dictator) al-Assad’s Syrian News Agency (SANA)!!!!!!!!!!!

    Below is the comment:

    “Impose a metered/capped service in my Syracuse, NY area, and I WILL CANCEL TWC immediately and switch to FIOS. If Fios follows you with this sleazy/creedy tactic, I will switch to T-Mobile prepaid wireless. Heck, T-Mobile has a prepaid wireless plan for $70 and includes: unlimited calling, unlimited messages, and 5GB of 4G data!

    P.S., I heard that TWC is censoring this Website and only publishes favorable views. Is TWC the ex-Soviet Union or Communist China?”

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