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AT&T “Wins” Consumerist’s Third-Worst Company in America Award

The Consumerist awards AT&T the "Bronze Poo" Award for Third Worst Company in America. (Image: The Consumerist)

A video game company reviled by game fans and the perennially-shoddy Bank of America managed to beat out America’s lowest rated phone company in The Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” annual award contest, but not by much.

As Electronic-Arts tries to explain away its top-worst rating, AT&T easily took third place after a consolation round decidedly eliminated Walmart.

Congratulations to the folks aboard the Death Star! As soon as we get some proper bronze-colored paint, we’ll be packing up your Bronze Poo and sending it off in the mail. It will, of course, include a 620-page end-user agreement that preempts any class-action lawsuits by AT&T employees.

Some Consumerist readers wondered why game fans rushed to beat EA over the head over its anti-consumer tendencies when Ma Bell was still ripe for some kicking:

This should be easy call. I’m pulling for AT&T to go all the way. The list of AT&T transgressions is long and wide-ranging. Much more so than EA.

  • AT&T is like the T-1000 Terminator, reassembling itself after Ma Bell was broken up in the 80’s;
  • AT&T caps broadband Internet connections;
  • AT&T is one of Washington’s biggest lobbyists;
  • AT&T blocks important updates from customer’s phones;
  • AT&T tried to buy up a competitor to reduce competition and further monopolize the spectrum which is collectively owned by We The People;
  • AT&T shameless displays its arrogance on its own AT&T Public Policy blog;
  • AT&T opposes Net Neutrality.

I could go on and on…

The Consumerist notes their award epitomizes the last 12 months for AT&T.

“First it attempted to leap-frog to the head of the wireless pack by swallowing T-Mobile whole, only to fail miserably after many months and at a cost of several billion dollars,” the piece reads. “Then it came tantalizingly close to vying for the coveted Worst Company In America Golden Poo trophy, only to be given the smack-down by a video game company. At least it won’t be leaving the tournament empty-handed.”

Currently there are 2 comments on this Article:

  1. Earl says:

    Is this going to be one of Letterman’s Top Ten list’s?

  2. Baxter says:

    whats funny is they oppose the Net Neutrality when they them selves had a helping hand in making it…., they wouldnt like it to be applyed to wireless of course..

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