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Clear-Cast HDTV Antenna Subject of Better Business Bureau Review; Ad Confuses Consumers

Phillip Dampier April 2, 2012 Consumer News, Editorial & Site News, Video 78 Comments

An ad in the Syracuse Post-Standard announces a new invention -- a bow tie antenna design originally designed in the 1950s.

Back in December, Stop the Cap! alerted readers about the “revolutionary razor thin” HDTV antenna Clear-Cast that promised salvation from high cable and satellite TV bills forever.  No article published here has attracted as much attention as that one, drawing more than 40,000 new readers to find out whether the product is truly a scientific breakthrough, or razor thin hype.

Readers have overwhelmingly agreed with our review of the product — it did no better than a $1.49 antenna we bought years earlier from Radio Shack.  But plenty of readers also shared their disappointment with the company advertising Clear-Cast: Canton, Ohio-based Universal Media Syndicate, Inc.

The Canton Regional and Greater West Virginia Better Business Bureau reports it has received “numerous” complaints about Clear-Cast’s marketing practices, refund policies, and advertising claims.  Indeed, we’ve heard from hundreds of readers who assumed we sold the product, and a lot of choice words were included in the angergram e-mails mistakenly sent our way.  Among the claims many found deceptive — Clear-Cast’s marketing stretch that users can receive up to 953 shows (not channels).

Our story has been linked from a number of other websites, so many in fact our review of the product often appears higher in Google’s search rankings than the company selling the product itself.

Clear-Cast’s advertising, designed to look like an authentic newspaper article, has appeared in dozens of newspapers around the country.  Many readers report the price has increased as well, now selling for as much as $50, not including the high-pressure sales tactics to throw in “warranty protection” ($5 buys you two years) and shipping and handling (add another $10).  We found readers who spent $110 for two bow-tie antennas that used to be included with televisions until the 1980s for free.

Our findings: Clear-Cast is an antenna capable of receiving local broadcast channels, but no better or worse than other basic antennas we have tested that sell for $4-9.

Returning the product for a refund also proved nightmarish.  We received a working antenna from one of our readers if we’d agree to return to it the company when we were finished.  It was returned by Priority Mail in late January and was received by them in two business days.  Our reader reports a credit for the return finally posted to his credit card statement this morning — nearly four months later.

The BBB received such a substantial number of complaints, they met with the company in January to discuss their product and how it is sold:

The BBB found that the product does provide channels without cable or satellite. However BBB inquiries indicate that because the headline states that you can get rid of cable or satellite bills, consumers are under the impression that they will receive the same type of channeling as they would with their current provider.

Additionally, there seems to be some confusion as to what is actually being given away for free. In the company ad it states in the headline “Free TV” and “gets rid of cable or satellite bills.” Some inquiries indicate that consumers are under the impression that they will be receiving a free television. Also there seems to be confusion as to how many possible channels a consumer may get when using the ClearCast Digital HDTV. The company ad has indicated that consumers can receive up to 953 “Shows” and up to 53 “channels” depending on where you live.

The company has added disclosures that outline and explain what the consumers are actually getting, however the overall impression of the ad seems to imply differently.

The basic principles of the BBB code of advertisement states that an advertisement as a whole may be misleading although every sentence separately considered is literally true. Consumers are encouraged to read the ad in its entirety and despite deadlines and restrictions, to make sure the company and product is researched prior to purchase in order to make an educated buying decision.

We were not surprised to learn readers were still complaining about Clear-Cast as late as this weekend.

Universal Media Syndicate, which is responsible for its marketing, also pitches:

  • the so-called “Amish-Made” Heat Surge Fireplace (all parts from China, with only the wood frame made by “Amish” employees);
  • “three hundred ninety-eight dollars and shipping”-portable air conditioner ArcticPro;
  • coin peddler World Reserve Monetary Exchange;
  • PatentHEALTH, a Canton-based provider of something called “nutraceuticals” that include an FDA warning suggesting their products are “not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”

Variation on the traditional bow-tie UHF antenna

Our advice for cord cutters remains the same:

Antenna design really has not changed much in 50 years. Here is a good and credible site to explore: http://www.antennaweb.org/Info/AntennaInfo.aspx

Start out with something basic. The best antennas allow you to orient them in different directions towards the signal you want. For UHF, try a set top loop-style antenna that can be rotated (Wal-Mart probably has one). You might also find playing around with some aluminum foil attached behind the antenna or even to it can make some difference. Experiment… a lot, until you find the ideal position for your antenna. If you are thinking of spending $38 on Clear Cast, remember it will probably cost you at least $5 to mail it back if you find it not worth keeping.

For the absolute best results, seriously consider a traditional outdoor or attic antenna. Channel Master and Winegard are quality manufacturers with a long history. They sell online and UPS can deliver it straight to your home already assembled in many cases.

But always hire a professional installer if you are absolutely not certain of your rooftop skills.  A frequent cause of rooftop falls and other accidents used to be attributed to do-it-yourself antenna installers who didn’t appreciate the risks.

[flv width=”360″ height=”290″]http://www.phillipdampier.com/video/WTVQ Lexington Clear-Cast HDTV Antenna 3-28-12.mp4[/flv]

WTVQ in Lexington, Kentucky investigated viewer complaints about Clear-Cast and talked with the Better Business Bureau about the company and its marketing tactics.  (3 minutes)

Currently there are 78 comments on this Article:

  1. Alex Perrier says:

    Where do you buy a television antenna for under $10?

    Also, how do you know if the antenna is designed for old heavy TVs, new thin TVs, or both?

    • Ryan says:

      You can get television antennas for under $10 from most retailers, as well as online. I got my current antenna for 1.97 from Sears on clearance, but I think they had the regular priced ones starting at 9.99.

      It used to be that you could always assume someone had a nice flat surface near the TV to rest an antenna on, namely the top of the TV itself. But nowadays TVs don’t have any significant depth to them so you can’t rest an antenna on top, so many new antennas are designed to be mounted or hung or otherwise placed where they would be unobtrusive. As for the actual reception, if I recall correctly there’s no real difference between the old TVs and the new ones in terms of what type of antenna you need. Although depending on the channels you want to receive you may need something slightly different, but the TV doesn’t make a difference. I believe it’s the straight antenna (the traditional bunny ears) that works better for the low end of the spectrum (VHF) and looped (or bowtie) for the higher end(UHF). Although most antennas are made to work with both.

      • me says:

        I have been using some zipties and hang them off the back of the tv. I dont look at the back of that much 🙂

    • Jeff says:

      Alex and Ryan,
      The antennas are not classified by the size or age of the TV or SDTV vs. HDTV, the antennas are classified by what frequencies they are designed to best pick up.

      Ryan is correct that the bunny ears are best for VHF (Very High Frequency) and the bowtie antennas are designed to pick up UHF (Ultra High Frequency).

      These days I would guess most markets have a mix of VHF and UHF stations. Wikipedia will tell you the frequency at which your local stations broadcast (and also gives the location of the broadcast station). Very handy.

      I have had good luck with a quad bowtie antenna in the attic of my garage and run thru a splitter to several TVs in my house. See how to build your own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlShMxSCZJ0&feature=relmfu

      If you live close to the broadcast station, you won’t have too much trouble picking up a signal. But to avoid the dreaded “dropouts”, you need a good antenna to get a good signal.

      Best of luck,

  2. Phil says:

    In our local paper today a big one-page ad for our area by zip code for the Clear-Cast antenna and it say you’ll get 953 SHOWS, not 953 channels for $47.00 plus S&H.

    Its just an amplified HDTV antenna!
    Plug it into your TV and on your TV run channel scan or search for channels and your TV should find them.

    As for me, I use rabbit-ears for an antenna and I am on the 9th floor facing south toward the TV transmitters in my area. I get all these channels anyway.

    Kmart and WalMart sell amplified antennas on their web sites, try one of those instead. At least you’re dealing with a local store.

    • karl green says:

      Never buy anything from Walmart- 6 members of the walmart family make as much as 43% of Americia – maybe thats why everyones looking for cheap antenna?
      I dont mind thay make so much but we pay billions in gov subsidy because they dont pay workers enough to live on- and like other corporations use third world countrys for cheap labor in fire traps and buildings that fall.

      • clintonthe traitor says:

        Amen about boycotting Wal-Mart – the Walton children alone are mostly responsible for the problems in the US today.. They hired Hillary Clinton in 1986 to their board, funded both Bill’s campaigns with help from Chinese spies like John Huang, had Bill sign Most Favored Nation status to China in 1996, and then immediately went on the offensive – first inviting US made products, then pressuring them to close down and move to China by threatening to stock a knock-off copy instead if they didn’t go ahead and take the additional profit – short-lived process though as venerable trusted US brand names that go through this process give up decades of expensive R&D in return for the allure of access to the huge Chinese market, which “somehow” eludes them.

        Politicians didnt help with big decisions like digital television that required all new equipment (all retrofit equipment is made in China) yet none of it available from domestic or neighboring manufacturers – poor foresight for those we trust and have trusted – the answer is 3d printing what we need and boycotting countries actively seeking the downfall of the US, and those who support them, like the Waltons/Wal-Mart and pressure the rest that were forced to follow suit or close (Target, Kmart) – check labels and demand alternatives or there won’t be any and your kids will only be allowed one book – Chinese for Slaves

  3. Hunter says:

    An antenna is an antenna, the technology hasn’t exactly progressed by leaps and bounds. Everyone should have known that this was all hype. I can’t believe people would pay so much for a bowtie antenna! I know antennas are the cord cutters “savior” but I tried going over the air only to end frustrated and bored. I used one of those flat, indoor antennas. I was able to pick up 25 or 30 channels here in the Denver area. The problem was that I only wanted to watch a hand full of channels as the rest were religious, Spanish, or both. This left me with the main networks, which was fine, until a truck would roll by out side. This would interrupt my signal and I would lose picture. Does anyone remember the Fox viewing positions from Married With Children? That just wasn’t going to cut it. I did a little research and found that my employer, DISH, offered the most HD channels available from any provider and their every day prices were very affordable. I covered the important bases in that I have a huge selection of HD channels, I have a crystal clear picture, and I am not paying an arm and a leg for TV service.

    • Loons In June! says:

      “I did a little research and found that my employer, DISH, offered the most HD channels available from any provider and their every day prices were very affordable. I covered the important bases in that I have a huge selection of HD channels, I have a crystal clear picture, and I am not paying an arm and a leg for TV service.”

      Ha you never stop with your commercials do you? You don’t get free service as an employee?


      • It’s automated spam. At least they come out and say they are employees… the thousands of spam messages that don’t get through our spam-catcher usually don’t.

        I think less of DISH as a company when they allow this kind of spam.

  4. Kelly Clover says:

    My complaints against the company are multiple. I spent 113.90 for 2 antennas, 1 sent to my
    home, 1 sent to a relative 300 miles away. The advertisement misled me into believing that a
    FEDEX truck would come out to deliver. Not so. Just the regular mailman from the U.S.P.S.
    To make matters worse they don’t ask for a signature to insure it actually gets to the destination.
    I had to ask for a refund of 56.95 because the shipment to the other city didn’t get there, even
    though postal records supposedly showed delivery. It was either stolen or delivered to the wrong
    house. When mounted in a window as recommended, the antenna is often more powerful than a
    typical indoor antenna. To say that this is a substitute for cable TV is a big exaggeration. Customers
    aren’t told that they are a likely to need a cable extension at additional cost. This is the case unless
    you put the TV very close to the window.

    • Keania says:

      @ Kelly Glover, Good Afternoon, My name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. The Clear cast Antenna is not to substitute for cable TV, but it is able to pick up over-the-air digital and HGTV signals that the cable and satellite companies are charging a fortune for each month and delivers them to you absolutely FREE. If you need further assistance with the status of your refund please feel free to call me directly at 330-966-9000 ext. 8961, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

      Thank you
      Ke-ania, Executive Assistant

      • Earl says:

        @Keania – if someone with your tenuous grasp of proper capitalization can make it to be the executive assistant to a VP, without knowing that the product is for a HDTV (a programming standard) not HGTV (Home and Garden TV channel) antenna, then I have serious doubt that the product is capable of delivering even the meager performance promised.
        Short version: Your linguistic fail makes the company look stupid because they hired you and let you admit working there in public.

        • Ke-ania says:

          @ Earl, this is not for personal attacks on me, this is simply called a typo. My human errors have nothing to do with the performance that the Clear-Cast can provide. If you placed an order and you are looking for further assistance, feel free to give me a call at 330-966-9000 ext. 8961 and I will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your order.

          • Your company sucks… If I had no heart, I would also sell a POS product and keep the $9.95 per antenna… what a business model…

            • OK folks. Please remember there are no personal attacks here. If you want to criticize the product, that is fine, but let’s try and keep the personal stuff out. It makes this a more welcoming place for everyone.

  5. elizabeth martinez says:

    well i got this product and it does not even get 1 channel so when i called to send it back and they told me that i would not get back 9.99 because that is what it cost to send which is a lie the amount of 61.95 and they charged me on 04/05/12 payed to AMC* Clear Cast 888-825-4416 this is a lot of money for me i feel like i was lied to about the full money back guarantee i feel so ripped off and mad

    • Keania says:

      @ Elizabeth Martinez, Good Afternoon, My name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. This is regarding your comment posted above. All products purchased are backed by are 30 day money back guarantee less shipping ($9.95). Once the product is returned the refund less shipping will be credited back to your method of payment. You are able to contact the Customer Service Department at 1-888-825-4416 and they will be more than happy to assist with the return if you are needing further assistances you can call me at 330-966-9000 Ext. 8961

      Thank You
      Ke-ania, Executive Assistant

      • HENRY says:



    • Dobrivoje Spasojevich says:

      Hi to all!!, well I purchase one of the this NOT so brilliant built technologies Clear-Cast TV antenna, and it DOES NOT work at all. I check the antenna at two differnt places and it DOES NOT WORK!!! It Pure garbage made in China. I return a few day latter than 30 days and they will not refund my money. They are seling pure garbage and their adda are pure phoney!!!

      • Ke-ania says:

        @ Dobrivoje Spasojevich, all products purchased are backed by are 30 day money back guarantee less shipping ($9.95). Once the product is returned within 30 days a refund less shipping will be credited back to your method of payment. If you need some assistance or clarity regarding your order feel free to give me a call at 330-966-9000 ext. 8961 and I will be more than happy to assist you.

        Thank you

        • Dobrivoje Spasojevich says:

          Keania, I did call you today, but your voice mail is on, so I did not have a chance to talk to you.
          I left you a voice mail with my phone number, but you can just refund my money!! Thanks.

  6. Hanes Vrtab says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy a good antenna?

  7. dan says:

    PT Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute. Those pirates who just encased a cheap bowtie are fooling thousands. People of America, don’t be fooled. There are hundreds of antenna designs out there. There is only one antenna that works consistent whether you are 1 mile from the transmitting tower or 70+ miles. You can connect up to 8 tvs with out an amplified disrtibuter, and you’ll get 72+ channels or more. It’s the DTV Green DIsh-Tenna by DTV GREEN DISH INC in Homestead Florida. In South Florida, for example we get 70 to 80 channels all 90 to 100 percent even on the fringe! We have clients in Ocean Reef Key Largo to west Palm Beach Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles California, and even Montreal Canada! They love the fact they can get channel from New york, Boston and Vermont all the way to Montreal.
    http://www.dtvgreendish.com After you try all the junk out there. Give us a call, we will proffessionaly install it and we gaurantee you will cut your cable!
    It’s the only Dish-Tenna you’ll ever need!

  8. Kelly Clover says:

    People who want the benefits of the Clear Cast antenna but not the high cost should consider 2
    simple parts available at Radio Shack for about $10 total. One is a UHF Bow-tie Antenna (Part 15-234E). The other is a transformer or adaptor (Part 15-1253). You tape the Bow-Tie antenna up high
    in a window. You will also need a cable extension. The location of your TV relative to the window
    will determine how long your extension needs to be. Extension cables are available at WALMART,
    Radio Shack, Best Buy, and various other stores. You now have an antenna that works somewhat
    like the Clear Cast, but it costs much less. There might be other ways to mimic the Clear Cast but
    this seemed to work rather well. If you think that $70 or $75 is too much to spend this might be the
    answer. I have no financial interest in Radio Shack. I’m simply relaying my experience.

  9. Maurice Meinert says:

    Today (4/22/2012), Clear-Cast advertised a price of $47 in an insert, USA WEEKEND
    (E-mail: [email protected]), in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

  10. Disconnected Long Ago says:

    I have been using an antenna for several years now and don’t have a monthly bill. One thing that has not been mentioned is the difference between the older TVs and newer ones. Most of your newer TVs have built in digital tuners where as your older ones do not. That was why the government promoted the $40 DTV converter boxes so much. The converter boxes are still available for those with older TVs. It’s so much cheaper to pick up an older used TV than buy one of the new flatscreens that will only last a few years. I pick up ABC, NBC, Fox, and KET, and if the weather is just right I might pick up more channels from further away. I’m 60 miles from the transmitters in 3 directions. True, if a helicopter fly’s between here and there, or the weather get’s real bad, it’s probably going to mess up my signal for a few minutes, but that’s something I can live with. The digital picture looks great on my older TVs. I have my antenna outside on a pole about 25 feet in the air and it rotates from inside the house.

  11. James R Curry says:

    Flat screen TVs only last a few years?

    I’ve never had one go out on me.

  12. Drew says:


    The best antenna I’ve ever used was made from a refrigerator condenser coil. Extremely powerful and cheap to build.

    I don’t have a tv these days since I use my internet for everything. I’m sure my isp loves netflix 😛

  13. Wil H. says:

    I was disappointed with the Clear-Clast X1 Digital Antenna, but mostly due to their advertisement claims that I could get up to 953 crystal clear digital TV station reception.
    Now when I received the antenna I connected it to my digital flat screen TV & followed all the included instructions I was only able to pickup SIX stations and one of them the quality was terrible, so I tried several areas in my room and connected to the outside of my apartment with the same SIX stations, but there’s a positive note I was able to pickup 2 of my favorite stations that I almost always watch.
    You can probably get just as good reception with a cheaper digital antenna from EBAY.

  14. David says:

    My mother-in-law ordered one and asked me to install it. It works great and the installation was easy. I don’t know if she paid too much or not, but she lives out in the country and picks up 15 channels in HD for free. Maybe if she had asked before ordering, I could have figured out a cheaper way to go, but this has saved her lots of money, because she did cancel her dish service. She has not had a single day’s outage, and with the dish it was out about a day a week, every time it rained.

    • Keania says:

      @ David, Hello My name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. I wanted to take out the time to thank you for sharing your positive experience about the Clear-cast antenna. I am so glad that your mother-in-law is enjoying the product .

      Thank you again,

  15. Joemo says:

    Shame on USA Today for printing this in today’s paper, goes to show you the disregard for value and integrity they hold for journalism, I assume they banked on selling the ad space, but that’s no different then when you trust your doctor to tell you EVERYTHING! How can you trust the headlines, when every word is for sale.

  16. Lloyd says:

    WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!! I thougfht I’d give it a try because I live in an area where we don’t get many channels. My 25-30 year old rooftop works better. I lost channels with this piece of crap. To everyone thinking of buying one…

    DON”T! Says it should pull from about 50 miles depending on location…BULL! I have a clear direct shot to most of the tranfer stations and they are roughly 30 miles out still didn’t work.

    It will be nice for a small apartment thats 5 miles from the transfer stations. Other then that it isn’t anything better then the China made garbage you can buy at Walmart.

    Very disappointed!!!!

    • Tom Pace says:



    • Keania says:

      @Lloyd, you do have a 30 money back guarantee less shipping if you are not satisfied with the Clear-cast antenna. And we do understand that the Clear-cast doesn’t work for everyone depending on your location and many things may affect you reception. If you have not contacted customer service you can call me at 330-966-9000 ext. 8961 and I will be more than happy to assist you with the return.

      Thank you

  17. Ron says:

    What a bunch of dumb ass idiots you all are. If you fools fall for a marketing ploy like this piece of crap then you deserve to get screwed. Doesn’t anbody have any intelligence in this new modern world we live in? Or do you all just want your neighbors to do your thinking?

    • Dora Bowles says:

      I have some kind of sense…. if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. that is why you check things like this before you buy.I came to this website to see how many reviews i could read because it said that the deadline for the cheaper price of purchasing this product was past…. So my alarm bells went off and i ended up here. i like some of the ideas that you all are giving though. maybe i will shop some of the stores and see who has a high powered antenna that i can purchase.

  18. joseph brandolini says:

    @ron the know it all~in these times people look for cheaper ways to cut costs~to have a company totally scamming people and our federal goverment knows and lets it happen is the crime~your post shows just how stupid of an idiot you are~i for 1 looked into to it~but not everyone has computers!~~~so stop judging everyone like your gods gift to the world~your not~!news flash news alert ron isnt all knowing~peeps~talk about a dumbassssssss~!

  19. Bill says:

    Clear Cast did exactly what they set out to do. Market a bowtie antenna design that has been around for the last 60 years, hype it, and sell it to the public for an absurd amount of money. They deliberately used false and confusing advertizing to make everyone think they were getting new technology that would eliminate their current cable TV bills. They engineered a SCAM, as so many others have done to dupe their customers. WHY.. you may ask? Because, This country has gone from an entrepreneurial free enterprise business society to one of total uncontrollable GREED. End of story.

  20. Dan says:

    Bill you r so right. Its companies like that which taints the market. Check out dtvgreendish.com we tell you exactly what to expect. We install it for you so there is no second guessing. Our clients range from 1 mile to 70 miles from towers. That company saw what we were doing in south florida and tried to copy. That would be easy in the 1970s but with the internet, the frauders get exposed real fast

  21. Lokard Desmock says:

    This website is really a walk-through for the entire information you needed about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also you’ll positively discover it.

  22. To all of you who got burned by that company. If you provide proof of purchase from clearcast, We will discount the amount you lost off the price of the Dtv Green Dish for the month of .Its the only Dishtenna you will ever need. http://Www.dtvgreendish..com

    • Brooklyn Girl says:

      SCAM!!!! – Do NOT, NOT, NOT purchase this – whatever it is!!! I did, for $61.95 (yup, fell for the false advertisement), and it was worse than my $10 antenna (I cancelled cable some time ago), returned it, wasted $15 (their shipping cost – $10 + $5 to ship it back)… I am sure I am not the only deceived with this hoax, and it’s upsetting there’s nothing done about it… No one (including myself) is going to bother for $15, but they sure made some money… well, lesson learned…

      • Dobrivoje Spasojevich says:

        …!!you are lucky if you did get any money back at all?? They took all of my money for the antenna that did NOT NOT WORK at all!!!!!!!!

  23. chas says:


  24. Robin says:

    HTguys tested the DTV GreenDish in Orange County California. They got 125 channels. They tried other antennas and got zip

  25. Dobrivoje Spasojevich says:

    ?????Well today is July 23rd and I received a few phone calls from Ms Ke-Ania, but no result of any kind, I also received letter from Jessica H. client Resolution Specialist, which I faxed to you on July 5th and now is just no reponse of any kind. The letter indicates that I was within time frame to get my money back, which I have not received as yet!!

    Is any Attorney out there to set up a action for the class action to go to the court?? Please!
    Thank you. Dobbe Spasojevich.

  26. Dorothy says:

    I did my research and bought DTV GreenDish,I’m getting channels 90 miles away. We were only receiving 2 channels. Now we get news from all over the world, cartoons for my son, and science channels,very happy. Dan Rivera is a genius. Make the right choice. Not only is the product excellent hte man has integrity. In this day and age thats rare.

    • tom says:

      the Green Dishtenna http://www.dtvgreendish.com/ is $200 for nothing more than a metal parabolic dish with 2 pairs of UHF bow tie like elements inside the dish. you do NOT get channels from all over the world; someone told you a bunch of LIE-ARRHEA when they said “you get channels from all over the world” E-mail me at [email protected]

  27. hdtvpete says:

    The Clear Cast X1 at $70 is overpriced and underperforms.

    Read this review –


    Thumbs down!

  28. Mike says:

    The antenna portrayed in this article is not worth the money. I fell for it because I live in one of the zip codes they advertised and of the dozens of channels possible, I get five regularly, even on clear atmospheric days. From time to time, when I re-program, I get several other channels, but they are religious or foreign language, so useless to me.

    Consumers beware. Like some of the other responders stated, there are cheaper alternatives available.

  29. marsha says:

    Sorry to say guy’s but I LIVE IN Louisville an I bout the cast after reading it in the USA today and sorry to say but my girlfriend lost her cable an I connected my Cast to her TV and she has almost 70 channels & I purchased it cause Im tired of paying high DTV bills..Im HAPPY with my results….Maybe Yr area plays a big part in yr signal strength.

    • Louea Verrette says:

      im just wanting to no before i spen my money if this Clare cast does work or not..im 63 years old and im living on a small income..so i ca’t afford to loose my money..plase tell meabout this..does it work or not..thanks

      • You will do just as well with a $10-20 set top antenna. You may need to try a few different models to see which works best, so shop at a store with a liberal return policy.

  30. Henry says:

    Doesn’t help local channels at all let alone anything beyond that JUNK

  31. anthony frye says:

    im so glad i got to read all of this,like the old saying is NOTHING IS FREE.everyone trys a way to make money,and this is one of the companys..oh well keep paying to get what i pay for..good luck im so glad i did not get one of them..lol,,im disable so i can not aford this in my life.i get like about a 1.000.00 a month.its hard to just make it a month.by my self.some people just dont care long as they make money off anyone like me.thks again i saw this..

  32. anthony frye says:

    well what the heck u send me as much money u can u will be so blessed and u will make me really happy 2.im just trying this up front so u know where its going.at lease im not lieing u know where u money will be going.to help someone.thank you if u can..

  33. anthony frye says:

    [email protected] send me email i tell u where to send money to help me thks again

  34. Annette Marie says:

    The whole point of the Clear antenna, I thought, was that it changes DIGITAL signal to ANALOG signal, which regular antennas will not do. And most converters I’ve seen are selling upwards of $40 each. Clear is now advertising $20 for two (plus shipping). I guess most of you have newer tvs with the converter built in. But a lot of people still have the fat old ones, they never break! And you can pick one up off the street for free!

    • Annette Marie says:

      PS You all call it Clear-cast. The one I saw was called Clear TV. Perhaps they are different?

  35. Annette Marie says:

    On another site, someone said If there’s no dial with numbers printed around it, it’s digital. Is that true?

  36. Shans says:

    Thought I try one, drop more $ playing Power ball, ordered it Feb 5, I think all I did was pay for someone’s drink on the beach. called the # to check status and was told it was on back order and it would be another 5-6 weeks and they needed my authorization to order it again, told my bank to block any attempts to charge me again (SCAM) I gave them 5 days to refund my original $27+ change. We need a law that if even a relativity new Company can’t produce what they promise their accounts refund automatically all $ spent. Internet purchases have not been any problem in the past, but now I think I’ll buy local, Internet companies just lost a consumer. They need to put businesses like these out of business!

  37. JohnB says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!! I fell for the full page USA Today ad and ordered two of them and was whacked $126.00 on my credit card. Fortunately it was bought on a credit card and I am now disputing the entire charge. This antenna is something you would think twice about buying at a dollar store – for a dollar. It beyond a shadow of a doubt an over sold under performer! To say that their advertising is misleading is an understatement.

    • edward beck says:

      Thank you for the info.re the scam

      • JohnB says:

        I disputed the entire charge and mailed the antennas back. I included printed complaints about this company with the returned antennas. I did not even bother contacting this outfit since the product that was delivered was so outrageously bad and excessively overpriced. To their credit, my credit card company got a full refund.

        The following is a BBB link that contains a wealth of information about this product and the company – READ THIS FIRST BEFORE EVEN CONSIDERING PLACING AN ORDER!!!!!:


        The Canton Ohio BBB gives this company a solid “F” on an “A” to “F” scale.

        My advice is if you are sucked into this deal, make a decision quickly after receipt about whether you feel you’ve been scammed. Then immediately dispute the charge if on a credit card, return the junk to the seller, and wait for the credit on your credit card.

  38. james says:


  39. Maura says:

    If you notice the ad states you can free tv if you are in the zipcodes listed— it lists EVERY zip in the country (xcept Calif, Wyom,Neb).

  40. Nay says:

    It is depressing reading everyone’s comments after just ordering two Clear Cast Antennas for $112.00. Did I really get scammed? Ohhhh

    • Just return them for a full refund. They are actual antennas, so they will work as a basic antenna. Just not better than any other antenna costing around $10. You are not the first or the last to be swayed by their relentless advertising.

  41. KEITH B. NELMS says:

    Well I guess I’ll call and cancel this product. You would think a paper like USAToday would let a company like CompTek have a full printed page of false advertising and using the Government as a part of their scam. it’s saddens me…I’m going to call that Executive Assistant VP cancel my order and ask for my refund and if they drag their proverbial feet i’ll seek Legal help to expedite this transaction.

  42. clear tv is nothing but a scam and they don’t put a person on phone at night to take the oredr and when this message comes on the phone it does not tell you what all the charges are and they add other stuff to it that are not advertised and they tell you to send it back and not tell you that you have to pay the postage

    • Tress says:

      A customer (a hunter) at our rummage sale last week said he lives in a trailer way out in the woods (in WI) where they don’t run cable and he uses “Clear TV” and gets 25 channels from one window on one old box tv and bought an old box tv from us for $5 bucks so he could use his second antenna on the other end of his trailer to connect to 42 other different channels. He said he had been disconnecting the antenna each time he wanted to switch the antenna to watch the other channels and now he can have both tvs going and get the different channels and he can just sit in front of the tv with the program he wants to watch. We’re going to try it. They stick up in windows. 2 for $19.95 plus s/h. I found it on buycleartv.com ~ I’m hoping for the best. I’ll save this link and come back with an update on how well it works. It will be in a few weeks though, have to order it yet… 🙂 Does anyone out there have any input on cleartv.com antennas? Thanks much! Tress ~

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