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Rogers Throws Customers A Few Scraps: Faster Speeds, Tiny Increases in Usage Allowance

Phillip Dampier January 26, 2012 Broadband Speed, Canada, Internet Overcharging, Rogers, Shaw 1 Comment

Just a few weeks after announcing $2 rate increases on most tiers of the company’s broadband service, Rogers Communications has announced speed upgrades and tiny increases in usage allowances for certain customers:

  • Express: download speeds will increase from up to 12Mbps to up to 18Mbps and data allowance will increase from 60GB to 70GB.
  • Extreme: download speeds will increase from up to 24Mbps to up to 28Mbps and data allowance will increase from 100GB to 120GB.

These enhancements apply to customers utilizing Rogers DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities. Rogers will start rolling out the faster speeds to existing Express tier customers currently receiving download speeds of up to 12 Mbps starting January 26th and will continue over the following weeks. New customers will experience faster speeds beginning February 21st. All new and existing customers will benefit from higher data allowances starting March 8th.

Rogers has played repeatedly with their usage allowances, particularly for its Extreme tier, which has seen increases and decreases over the past few years:

Rogers Extreme Tier Usage Cap History

  • 2009: 95GB per month
  • 2010: Reduced to 80GB per month (-15GB)
  • 2011: Increased to 100GB per month (+20GB)
  • 2012: Increased to 120GB per month (+20GB)

Rogers’ Express service gets just a 10GB monthly bump, making the speed upgrade less valuable because customers are restrained from using the service.

Rogers says the incremental upgrades are a result of Canadians using the Internet more than ever.

“Rogers customers are increasingly watching movies on Rogers on Demand Online, working from home and using multiple devices like tablets and laptops connected by Wi-Fi to the internet,” said John Boynton, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer at Rogers Communications. “The ways Canadians are using the internet are changing dramatically and we are constantly reviewing our plans and policies to ensure they deliver the best possible customer experience that lines up with evolving needs and usage patterns.”

Apparently those living in western Canada use the Internet even more, because Shaw Communications’ comparable broadband tiers are much more generous:

Shaw Communications Usage Allowances

  • High Speed 10Mbps: 125GB per month
  • High Speed 20Mbps: 200GB per month
  • Broadband 50Mbps: 400GB per month

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  1. Alex Perrier says:

    Ultra-Lite discontinued! :|

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