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Frontier Communications Delivers F-Minus Broadband in Ohio; ‘Upgrades Will Cost A Lot of Money’

Phillip Dampier January 23, 2012 Broadband "Shortage", Broadband Speed, Consumer News, Frontier, Rural Broadband, Video 4 Comments

Courtesy: WKRC-TV Cincinnati

Frontier Communications’ DSL service to some residents in Sardinia, Ohio has been progressively slowing down to the point Speedtest.net rated one man’s connection an “F-Minus.”

Larry Meeker’s broadband service from Frontier achieved speeds of just 190kbps — about four as fast as traditional dial-up Internet service.  Upload speeds reached just 1kbps.  When Meeker called Frontier Communications to complain about the lousy broadband speeds, he reports Frontier didn’t seem in any hurry to improve his service.

WKRC-TV TroubleShooter Howard Ain reports Frontier had done little for Meeker initially, saying “it will cost a lot of money for the company to upgrade” the broadband facilities in inherited from an acquisition from Verizon Communications.

Frontier changed its mind when Ain indicated the company’s broadband woes were about to be a feature item on WKRC’s 6pm local news.  Meeker also told the station he was preparing to file a complaint with Ohio’s public utility regulator.  Just a few days before the report aired, Frontier called Meeker to tell him improved service was on the way.

Meeker reports it used to take 10-15 seconds to load even basic web pages over Frontier’s DSL service.  But after the company began work on Meeker’s connection, pages are loading much faster, usually after 1-3 seconds.

The Sardinia man noted the best way to get action out of Frontier might be to call the media to get the company to do the right thing.

“I’m very happy that it is so easy to contact Channel 12 news and Howard Ain and know that somebody is at least going to call you and if there is a problem they are going to check it out and investigate it,” Meeker told the station.

A spokesman for Frontier Communications blamed the old owner — Verizon Communications, for inadequate broadband facilities in place to serve Sardinia and surrounding areas. The company says it is spending $90 million on upgrades because people are using the Internet a lot more in the area.  New circuits bringing additional capacity are anticipated to begin service by the second week of February.

WKRC TroubleShooter Howard Ain covers Frontier’s lack of performance in Cincinnati suburb Sardinia, Ohio.  (2 minutes)

Currently there are 4 comments on this Article:

  1. Smith6612 says:

    The slow-downs in my area are becoming a yearly occurrence. It’s always during the Winter months where they hook more people up but everyone is also trying out new toys. Frontier doesn’t really seem to plan for future capacity at all. Wish they’d change that. I’ve spoken to my Frontier contact, and he’s told me some numbers we can’t even speak of because they’re so bad. Alarms should have been going off at Frontier’s NOC ages ago about the constant problems, that’s how bad it’s gotten. Of course, the problem is no longer local to us. It’s out in Rochester where the network is all eggs in one basket.

    Now for the Verizon areas? Yeah Verizon left those places a mess. People probably saw better service because there were less people getting hooked up. Verizon didn’t expand. Here comes Frontier dropping DSLAMs everywhere, and a network that was never built to handle capacity just dies.

    Oh, did I say the upload on dial-up runs at 128kbps? Ze Computar cannot compute why upload is faster than download on dial-up, but hey, it’s really nice.

    • DJ says:

      A friend of mine had Verizon before they took over not far from here, he was getting 6Mb easily with Verizon at a fraction of the price. Once Frontier took over he was down to 1 – 3Mb if he was lucky, and at other times below 1Mb.

      He like everybody else complained, Frontier told him the network must be overloaded and to try again later like it was not a problem.

      • Smith6612 says:

        I know how that is. Lately Verizon’s been doing the same nonsense to their DSL network as well. I routinely visit the Verizon forums and DSLReports, where almost every thread these days for DSL is about slow-downs at night, or dropped PPPoE sessions because equipment hasn’t been fixed for weeks. All they get is the runaround of rebooting and wasting modems until I stop by, tell them to leave Verizon alone and to let me direct them to my internal contact to Verizon who fixes things in no time (basically, seconds). Every time he’s worked on a slow speed issue, it’s been from the same thing Frontier suffers. Congestion due to a lack of upgrades.

        At this point, I’ve basically stated that with Verizon, what upgrades you get is what you get. There is nothing else coming as seen by endless amounts of congestion threads that always pop up. Frontier at least seems to be trying, maybe not as much as I’d like considering how much people pay them. My area sees congestion every year, which typically disappears after a few weeks, and the congestion usually isn’t as bad as what is seen on Verizon’s DSL network BUT, it is annoying none the less. I’ve asked Frontier to just lodge tickets into their NOC as I don’t have deep contacts with the company yet, but of course, I just get the typical “We’re sending a tech out tomorrow because rebooting the modem did not help” tech support, unlike what I used to get in the past where agents would actually stick with me for a while to see what is going on. Of course, when the ticket is sent to the CO for tech dispatch, my buddy at the CO simply takes the ticket, and either chucks it off to where it actually needs to go, or simply takes it and leaves it. He knows that if the DSLAM blows up in the remote or the copper network gets eaten up by squirrels, I’ll be calling him and not the general tech support line as I already know what the deal is with the line. He lets me in on information regarding the congestion and where tickets get sent off to that never should have come to him, and I appreciate what he does for me.

        But like I said. Even if service did operate well with Verizon, I can almost guarantee you that it was running margionally close to hosing time. Verizon took their backbone away, and what little Backbone Frontier had, just became overworked. So they add additional capacity for backbone, and then they come by and start installing DSLAMs, so they’re essentially back at square one with what Verizon left behind and didn’t take with them. Sounds exactly like what happens with Frontier in this area. When Frontier first installed DSL in this area, every remote was running on several T1s and the CO had probably a T3 running DSL. Very easy to congest things, but they didn’t boost speeds to 3Mbps or 6Mbps for Business until every remote was on Fiber, and the CO was a little more prepared. Yeah, we had an issue two years ago where a ton of people got DSL and the CO became saturated at night, but they installed new fiber lines within a few weeks of complaints rushing in, and the slowdown issues were solved. Fast forward later on, now our CO doesn’t see congestion, but instead, congestion occurs farther upstream towards Rochester which occurs on and off and is due to several COs feeding off of an inadequite line in Rochester.

        But to sum things up, Verizon in my neck of the woods is starting to see congestion on their DSL network. I’ve got family members who have been with Verizon for ages who are starting to report drop-outs and slow speeds until after 11PM onand off now. They’ve had Verizon out several times to their home, and now that the CO we both are served out of is giving FiOS to Tonawanda, service is only expected to get much worse as no more upgrades will be taking place.

  2. FrontierSucks says:

    Frontier internet f*****g sucks. I used to have Verizon internet and it was perfectly fine. Then after they switched to Frontier everything got bad. Frontier internet is horrible. Its too slow to play video games online or stream movies/videos. Lastly, the give you some s****y modem/router that makes your connection even slower.

    My final words: F*** FRONTIER. GET ROAD RUNNER

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