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Road Runner Upload Speed Increased for Standard Customers in Rochester, No Change for Turbo

Phillip Dampier January 25, 2010 Broadband Speed, Time Warner Cable 14 Comments

Time Warner Cable Speed Test Results (Turbo)

The Rochester-Finger Lakes Division of Time Warner Cable has upgraded upload speed for Road Runner Standard service customers, up from 384kbps to 1Mbps effective over the weekend.  Stop the Cap! reader Sergey first noticed a change on Thursday evening, but it took the weekend for the upgrade to make its way across the region.  Standard service is now 10/1Mbps in Rochester, although the Powerboost feature, also included for all Road Runner customers, can create speed test results showing 20-25Mbps download speeds, at least at the start of a file transfer.

The upgrade may make Road Runner Turbo less valuable, as no corresponding increase in upload speed for that package has been noted.  Turbo provides Rochester Road Runner customers with 15/1Mbps service and remains at those speeds.

According to Time Warner Cable’s website, the increase brings Rochester closer to the speeds other nearby cities have.  Buffalo enjoys double the upload speed, however.

  • Buffalo/Western NY:  Standard: 10/1Mbps   Turbo: 15/2Mbps
  • Syracuse/Central NY: Standard: 10/1Mbps  Turbo: 15/1Mbps
  • Albany: Standard: 10/1Mbps  Turbo: 15/1Mbps

If you are not receiving improved speeds yet, unplug your cable modem briefly and plug it back in.

Road Runner Customer Speed Test


Currently there are 14 comments on this Article:

  1. preventCAPS says:

    I just dropped my Turbo. 10 down 1 up is sufficent for me and fits my budget (on promotional pricing). If turbo was 2 up, I would be willing to spend the extra $5/mo for it.

  2. Corrine says:

    A tiny offering to go along with the rate increase. Nothing for those who can only afford RR Lite.

  3. Ron Dafoe says:

    I just called them and was told they have no plans to increase turbo customers upload speed. I will give them a week or 2 to change their minds before cancelling my turbo service.

    The only reason that I have turbo is for the faster upload speed.

  4. Dave Hancock says:

    I nice bone!

    Thanks for the heads up on the need to unplug the cable modem. Last night I uploaded a bunch of high resolution photos to Picasa and could have used the 3X increase in upload.

  5. Jason Dragon says:

    I called Time Warner and confirmed that upload speed is now 1 Mb/s in my area for both RoadRunner Standard and Turbo. I cancelled my Turbo option as I only ordered it in the first place to get a faster upload speed. I told them that they can call me back if they come out with a faster upload option in the future.

  6. David Mandery says:

    Just called them to drop Turbo and the CSR told me that Turbo is getting increased in February and that the standard RR hasn’t been increased yet.

    So I’ll be following this site, to see if Time Warner in Rochester actually increases the upload speed for Turbo, then I will resubscribe.

    • Interesting, although the standard speed increase has already taken place. They will probably make a formal announcement of the increase in February. Speed increases from TWC typically are soft-launched and several weeks pass before they mass-email customers with the news.

      I will be happily surprised if upstream speed increases. Thus far, in western/central NY, only Buffalo gets 2Mbps upload speed. If that becomes the new standard for Turbo across the region, that will be the only real benefit most people would find worth the extra $10 a month for the Turbo service. A 5Mbps increase on the download side is nice, but probably not compelling enough for most people. A 10Mbps increase starts to get more worthwhile.

      For me, upload speed is the worst part of Road Runner’s service at the moment.

      • Ron Dafoe says:

        Same here. I am willing to give TW some time to get my turbo speed to 2Mb. I too am more concerned with upload speed at this point in time. Download speed is fast for me, until DOCSIS 3 comes, it will carry me over for a while.

        • There seems to be an indication that Time Warner will work towards full national DOCSIS 3 rollout by the end of 2010 or early 2011. They are not exactly selling lots of service at the premium speeds at the high price they are charging for it right now. If they brought 50/5 service for perhaps $70-75 a month, that would probably attract a lot more customers than the current $100 a month price. But I realize it’s just getting started.

          • PreventCAPS says:

            I would love to see pricing around $1-$2 per Mbs/month and you decide how much of it you want (within the limits of the technology).

      • David Mandery says:

        That is definitely true upload needs to get increased. Otherwise for $10 more it is too much money for 5mbits down more. I can wait a little bit longer for things, since normally most speeds don’t max you out.

        But upload is something that is very lacking. I hope Rochester can get DOCSIS 3 sooner rather than later, I guess we will see.

  7. Uncle Ken says:

    Hope that includes TV phone and internet because im not going to pay
    $100 a month for just internet.

  8. Joe says:

    They don’t want you to upload. Every bit of video that someone uploads is one more incentive to cancel TV service. Time Warner sucks.

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