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Bright House Networks Customers Get Rebranded Time Warner iPad App for Online Viewing

Phillip Dampier October 31, 2011 Bright House, Consumer News, Online Video No Comments

Bright House Networks customers now have access to more than 100 channels of online video entertainment thanks to the cable company’s release of Bright House TV, a new free app for the Apple iPad.

Essentially a rebranded version of Time Warner Cable’s TWCable TV app, Bright House TV comes with the exact same restrictions that have peeved more than a few Time Warner customers trying to use it:

  • You must have a minimum of Bright House Networks’ Digital-Basic Cable TV service to watch;
  • You must use your Bright House-supplied Internet connection to access the service on your home’s Wi-Fi connection;
  • The service will not work outside of your home, over alternative Internet connections, or through your smartphone;
  • You cannot currently access the service on any device other than an iPad.

For customers who do manage to meet all of these conditions, many report they are satisfied with the performance of the app.

“A great 1.0 version, acts as advertises, and HD looks great on the iPad,” says Bright House customer Chris McGonigal. “I would like to see fullscreen option (even though it cuts image), and the ability to hide the Status bar at the top. Also a favorite channels list, which kind of works with channel history.”

One other thing Bright House customers have in common with Time Warner Cable — they are still waiting for HBO Go, too.

“Here’s to seeing HBO Go on BHN next,” he adds.

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